Blog posts from July 2017

How the New FASB/IASB Standards Affect Lease vs. Buy Strategies

Posted on 07/31/2017

Under the new lease accounting regulations – formally announced at the beginning of 2016 as ASC 842 (under the guidance of the FASB) and IFRS 16 (under the guidance of the IASB) – all leases, subject to certain small exemptions, must now be placed onto the balance sheet regardless of classification.

The Top 7 Site Access Challenges for Telcos

Posted on 07/28/2017

One major issue that many telecom companies are finding difficult to manage: site access. The challenges encompass a variety of aspects, and we've highlighted the Top 7 challenges.

Strategic Capital Planning in Higher Education

Posted on 07/27/2017

In an increasingly data-driven world, university financial officers and staff need deeper insight and numbers to assess and justify their budgets. Institutions are realizing that they need to align both their short-term and long-term needs when preparing to meet program needs through facility expansion.

How IoT Impacts Facility Managers in Higher Education

Posted on 07/22/2017

IoT is disrupting facilities management in higher education. In fact, the technologies and forces driving IoT are redefining the strategic role that facility managers play within the leadership structure.

If Retail Is Dead, Why Is Amazon Opening Physical Stores?

Posted on 07/21/2017

As retail embarks on a new transition, retailers and developers are changing the metrics once used in order to keep up with the ever-changing standards.