Posted on 12/29/2015

By Lora Mays, Product Marketing Manager

As we say goodbye to 2015 this week, it’s time to review our year. With that, we’re sharing our favorite healthcare blog posts from this year.

2015 Joint Commission Updates on Life Safetyhospital

The Joint Commission made several updates to Life Safety in 2015. This blog post covers what these updates are and what it means for your maintenance requirements.

What is the Stark Law?

The Stark Law has shown up in the news over the past few months with several hospitals facing multi-million dollar fines. Learn what the Stark Law means to you and how you can minimize your risk of being fined.

Top Concerns for Healthcare Landlords: No Central Access to Data

In a series of blog posts, we covered the top concerns for today’s healthcare landlords. Check out this post, where we cover why it’s so important to have a central database to access all of your lease information.

Using Barcoding to Improve Productivity and Asset Reporting

Leveraging a barcoding system to track your assets offers a number of benefits for hospitals and healthcare organizations. This blog post uncovers those benefits you can experience by barcoding your assets.

Key Regulatory Reports for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

To ensure you are ready for a regulatory agency audit, you need to have the right reports and information at your fingertips. This blog post highlights some of the key regulatory reports you can pull from TMS to ensure that you have the information you need.

5 Joint Commission Resources

These key industry resources will help you keep a pulse on the Joint Commission, including latest news and upcoming changes.

7 Key Areas of a Hospital Emergency Operations Plan

A major requirement for Joint Commission is having an emergency operations plan in place for your hospital. In this blog post, we share the seven key areas that you need to focus on for your hospital emergency operations plan.

Why Capital Planning Matters to Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare facility capital planning has layers of complexity, especially when compared with other industries. Read this blog post to learn key issues that must be addressed through the capital planning process.

The Value of the Building Maintenance Program

For decades, the Building Maintenance Program (BMP) served as a measure for healthcare organizations to follow for Joint Commission inspections. However, in 2009, the Joint Commission removed it from its mandates. See why it should still be an essential component of your maintenance plan.

3 Ways TMS Can Support Your EVS Needs

Beyond managing your maintenance requests for biomed/clinical engineering and facilities management, TMS can support your other departments in your hospital, such as EVS. Learn more in this blog post.