Posted on 06/22/2016

Accruent is proud to have raised over $7,010 (and that's before company matching!) for Emma Joslin, daughter of Accruent's own Rick Joslin and his wife Amy. You can hear her Emma-zing story below, and get more information about donating here

Emma JoslinEmma Bree was born to a young mother and shortly after birth, she was placed into foster care. Rick and Amy met Emma in the NICU when she was 19 days old and brought her home at 21 days old. Doctors believe that Emma was deprived oxygen for at least 3-4 weeks in the womb resulting in a traumatic brain injury (aka HIE, Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy). Because of the injury, Emma is now facing lifelong challenges. HIE causes major medical problems to Emma's fine and gross motor skills, she is nonverbal and can not walk unassisted or without her walker.  She has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, CVI, a developmental delay and she is nonverbal. Emma has had to be taught to hold her head up, sit up unassisted, use her hands, see, eat/drink by mouth, crawl and walk with a walker. 

Emma prognosis was very grim, but she has come so far. But Emma still has a long and challenging road ahead. She has been in therapy since she was 6 weeks old (Physical, Occupational, Vision, Speech, Feeding therapy). Recently, Emma was approved for intensive therapy sessions at the Napa Center in California. Through the center, Emma will work on getting stronger for walking and talking. Emma will need to make numerous trips to the NAPA Center to reach this goal. She will receive 2 hours of Neurosuit therapy, 1 hour of CME therapy and 1 hour of speech therapy daily for 3 weeks during each one of these trips. The cost of the therapy cost, travel, food and housing is not covered by her insurance. We are asking you for your help to make this possible for Emma to make at least 2 trips a year to Intensive therapy.

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