Posted on 05/05/2014

By Sam Freed, Product Manager
We are proud to announce the availability of our new project management software! Accruent Project Management is a cloud-based software solution designed from the ground up to help retailers manage projects more effectively, empowering them to open stores and gain revenue more quickly.

Accruent Project Management assumes that many team members will use a smartphone or tablet as their primary device, and we have designed the software to provide easy mobile data updates, photo uploads, and viewing of a wide variety of files, including CAD drawings. That means when a project team member is at a job site and sees an urgent issue, he or she can take a photo, create a task in Accruent PM, and have a contractor fix the problem immediately. The whole process can be tracked in real time using Accruent Project Management.


We unveiled the software, which is available for immediate deployment, at our Insights User Conference in Austin, Texas last week. The cloud-based software is easy to deploy to both internal team members and contractors, and by embracing mobile technology, we expect our customers to see improved project performance through faster, more complete and accurate communication.

At initial release, Accruent Project Management supports team collaboration with document, task, and milestone management. In time, the product will offer additional capabilities such as advanced scheduling and cost tracking functionality. We are excited to add Accruent Project Management to our portfolio, which includes solutions for lease administration, facility maintenance management, and space management software.