Posted on 07/28/2014

By Elizabeth Hawes, Product Marketing Manager

Everyone at Accruent sends their congratulations to our customers who have been named to the latest list of the nation’s Top 100 Retailers!  This annual list of U.S. retailers ranked by domestic retail sales is published in the July issue of STORES Magazine and was compiled by Kantar Retail.

“The processes of retailing are changing so rapidly and radically that they call into question the very definition of ‘retailer.’ In many ways, e-commerce is the tail wagging the retail dog: Online is where the excitement, activity and innovation are, but the vast majority of most retail sales are still transacted in stores,”1  states an NRF article regarding the outcome of the list. made its debut in the Top 10 this year, reflecting the shift toward an omni-channel future. ”The current retailing revolution isn’t about overthrowing the old elite; it’s about the speed with which the old dogs are learning new tricks. Amazon aside, the largest e-commerce merchants remain those that started in bricks-and-mortar. The online success of traditional retailers contributes to the stability of the Top 100; only two companies on this year’s list were not in the 2013 Top 100.”

The rise of e-commerce does not mean the end for traditional brick-and-mortar stores; 85% of leading e-commerce retailers use their physical locations as pick-up spots for consumers who place orders online. Stores still represent a key element of how retailers connect with consumers, and e-commerce plays a key role in an omni-channel strategy to provide a seamless shopping experience. Ultimately, retailers must have a deep understanding of their customers across digital and physical channels.

Although the consumer market continues to change and retailers must adapt to meet expectations, Accruent is proud to see that several of our customers are staying ahead of the curve! We look forward to continue providing world class solutions that meets the retail market’s evolving needs.

STORES Magazine named the following Retailers in its Top 10 list:
1. Wal-Mart
2. Kroger
3. Costco
4. Target
5. The Home Depot
6. Walgreen
7. CVS Caremark
8. Lowe’s
10. Safeway

Click here to see STORES Magazine’s full Top 100 Retailers Chart 2014.

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