Posted on 07/07/2015

By Lora Mays, Product Marketing Manager

Repairing equipment in a breakdown state can cost up to five times more than if you conduct planned maintenance. Preventive maintenance can help your equipment operate more smoothly while cutting your maintenance costs in the process.

There are resources all over the web to help you develop a preventive maintenance program. Check out our list of the best resources to help you create a world-class preventive maintenance program:

10% rule of preventive maintenance
Learn how you can make your preventive maintenance program even more effective by ensuring you are conducting your maintenance activities within a 10 percent range of the due date.

5 ways preventive maintenance reduces unscheduled downtime
Do you experience significant breakdowns and unscheduled downtime for your assets? Check out this blog post to learn how preventive maintenance can transform your numbers and ensure your equipment is operating smoothly.

How to create a world-class preventive maintenance program
In this free white paper, learn how you can create a world-class preventive maintenance program from the ground up to reduce your costs, improve your team’s efficiency and drive profitability from the core of your organization.

5 ways to cut your maintenance costs
Interested in cutting your maintenance costs? See how preventive maintenance, and four other activities, can significantly drive your costs downward.

5 steps to establishing a reliability and maintenance policy
Learn why you need to implement a reliability and maintenance policy, as well as how it affects the success of your preventive maintenance program.

How to improve your preventive maintenance program
So, you have a preventive maintenance program in place, but you aren’t seeing the gains that were promised? Ask yourself these five questions to see where you may be able to experience improvements.