Posted on 04/01/2016

By Nicholas Hill, Account Executive

Let me ask you a question: When a patient in one of your hospital rooms is discharged, how long does it take your team to clean the bed in that room and turn it over to a new patient? Not sure? That’s alright, most facilities and environmental services (EVS) teams aren’t. In fact, when I ask this question during my hospital visits, I find that this information is lacking a little over half of the time. 

The question is an important one. The time it takes for your team to clean a bed and turn it over to new patients is directly related to patient satisfaction. You don’t have to look far to find that this is true. One of the top reasons for a bad hospital review is due to the length of time a patient had to wait to be seen:

Conversely, one of the best first impressions that you can make on a new patient that enters your hospital is providing a low wait time and moving them into a patient room quickly:


Knowing that patient satisfaction is so often tied to wait times, hospitals across the country have turned to bed tracking software to make sure that cleaning staff are notified the moment a patient is discharged so that they can quickly turn that room over to new patients. Let’s face it, most hospitals today are understaffed and on a tight budget. It is more important than ever that you use every tool at your disposal to make sure staff members are being utilized to the fullest. 

Let’s take a look at the four ways bed tracking software can directly help you with this.

Receive notifications the moment beds are vacant  

Bed tracking software ensures your staff will be paged automatically and can immediately begin cleaning that bed. Once they’ve finished, they can notify the software program simply by calling in to the automated system and your admissions staff will be notified that a new room is available for patients. This increases patient intake and discharge efficiency and is all done without any input on your part.   

Increase your bed utilization  

With bed tracking software, you have a bird’s eye view of every bed in your facility. You will see which beds are vacant, occupied, dirty, etc., and this enables you to move beds to areas they can be used most often and focus on areas where patients are experiencing long wait times. 

Hold your staff accountable  

We have found that simply telling staff that bed cleaning times are now being tracked and managed increases cleaning efficiency tremendously. You will know which times and days of the week you are fastest, and which times and days you are slowest. This gives you an idea of how to arrange schedules in a more efficient manner. In addition, using reporting functionality in bed tracking software like BedReady makes it easy to measure efficiency. 

Experience a real and direct return on investment

By decreasing the time it takes to admit new patients, you directly impact patient satisfaction and ensure they are able to get treated more quickly. As a result, you are increasing the number of patients that can be treated in a given day. This increase over time adds thousands of patients that would have otherwise left the hospital unhappy, or worse, untreated.

The healthcare landscape is changing. Patients no longer have to drive to the nearest hospital; they are given choices in a wide market of healthcare options. It is more important than ever that patients are able to leave your facility with a positive experience to share with others, and bed tracking software is the simplest and quickest way to directly affect that experience.  


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