Posted on 06/13/2016

By Neha Shah, Associate Product Marketing Manger


Hiring third-party service providers with the right expertise in strategic and tactical facilities management activities has shown the greatest impact in improving customer service, according to a recent survey of Facility Management executives. The survey asked FM executives to share their top challenges around overseeing complex campus logistics.


Among the tools, techniques and methods available to them, executives specified that facilities management applications have the greatest impact on their ability to improve support services. Maintaining customer satisfaction emerged as the top concern among survey respondents (95%), followed by their efforts to maintain the right staffing levels as “highly important” (90%) and as being “challenging/very challenging to manage” (85%). Furthermore, "service requests completed on time" and "customer satisfaction" are the two key performance indicators their organizations are using to measure site operations.


The Accruent suite of products has a long history of supporting facility managers across retail, corporate, telecom, healthcare, higher education and public sector verticals on tackling these very issues The growth and addition of new products has created industry-specific IWMS solutions that successfully bundle portfolio planning and facility management tools. For example, the FAMIS platform provides FM managers deeper insight into workorder and resource management, who can then use the Asset Connect tool to integrate data with the VFA Capital Planning tools that inform and guide the 5-Year Strategic Growth Plan of the campus.


Until recently, there had been a gap in the market for managed services providers that offer the experience and resources to meet these and other campus logistics needs. With growing awareness and innovation, we are seeing greater partnerships between in-house Facility Management teams that work alongside a third-party technology solution.