Posted on 10/06/2016

By Fran Stevenson, Sr. Director, Retail

The 10th annual Accruent Retail Executive Summit took place last month, at the prestigious Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin Ohio, home to the famous Memorial Golf Tournament. The diamond anniversary of the event was a rousing success. There were 15 new attendees this year, and the theme was “Building the Customer Experience.”

The keynote session, “Unleashing the Power of Digital to Drive Growth,” led by Kelly Mooney, CEO of Resource/Ammirati put a spotlight on the value and impact of digital. Other session topics included presentations on the new FASB rules and how they might affect your organization, and discussions on how you can’t just build a store but must also create an engaging customer experience.

Events at the Summit included (of course) golf, the opportunity to network with peers, and round table discussions with attendees. Topics of discussion included questions like “How does Brick and Mortar drive customer experience?”

The Summit also included an offsite with WD Partners, where attendees could put on virtual reality glasses to simulate the customer design experience.

As a special thank you, Accruent donated $1,000 to the charity of choice for all attendees of The Home Depot and Dave and Buster’s that have attended all 10 previous Summits. That’s quite a commitment!

Attendees had great things to say about the event. “What a special treat it was to be invited to attend Accruent's 10th Annual Retail Executive Summit!” said John Mulleady, SVP of Development at Dave and Buster’s. “Your outstanding program allowed me to visit with old business friends and acquired new ones. The program content was packed with an incredible amount of usable information from peers and the future evolution of Accruent. I particularly found helpful the presentation from KPMG on new accounting Rules. Very good speaker, and most important, the group of professionals you gathered provided very good questions enhancing the content of the presentation.

The Accruent team’s hospitality, organization and friendly style was both captivating and powerful. Thank you for allowing me to be part of such great audience, and look forward to attending more Accruent events in the future.”

Bruce Robinson, VP of Real Estate at Regis Corporation has this to say: “The Retail Executive Summit was a very good use of my time and the venue was spectacular. The interactions with the other retailers and the Accruent team were very informative and made me think about my business. I met a lot great people that I look forward to staying in touch with and getting to know better. I look forward to next year!”

Special thanks to our sponsors for the event:  Guggenheim Partners, Foundry Commercial, WD Partners, and Class-G.  

We hope to see even more of you next year!