Posted on 11/10/2014

By Lora Mays, Product Marketing Manager

Whether it’s due to reorganization, routine churn or consolidation, the majority of organizations experience moves at some point throughout the year.1 Moves can be stressful for all involved and, without proper management, can result in decreased worker productivity, increased costs and an overall drain on company resources.

The IWMS functionality makes move management an easier process. When the space planner reviews the floor plan information and issues a restack, the resulting moves can automatically generate work orders for the team conducting the move. When the IT department can coordinate with the facility maintenance management team, it streamlines the overall process and reduces downtime.

Furthermore, reporting capabilities in the system can analyze the associated costs with moves. Moves, even those that are internal restacks, can become costly for organizations. Simplifying the move process through automated activities and a unified system can help drive down these costs. Organizations can also reduce the number of moves they make simply by having access to the data they need in one system to make proactive strategic decisions.

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The ability to automate and simplify complex work requests is just one value that your organization can gain from an IWMS solution. Read previous blog posts to learn about the first two values in the series: Gain Visibility to Drive Facility Investments and Benchmark Employee Costs Across Properties. Download the whitepaper The Strategic Value of IWMS to learn how your organization can drive profitability from your real estate and facilities portfolio.

1 Space and Project Management Benchmarks; International Facilities Management Association.