Posted on 03/13/2015

By Lora Mays, Product Marketing Manager

Here in Austin, the city of Accruent’s headquarters has transformed over the past few days as the annual festival SXSW takes over downtown and brings thousands of people from all over the world into our city limits.

While most people know SXSW for uncovering music acts and allowing insider access to documentaries, indie films and everything in between, the base of the festival comes from Interactive – a series of informative sessions focused on emerging technologies that transform the way we think and act in our lives and careers.

There are hundreds of topics that are covered, ranging from fashion, fitness, technology, social policy and career. Of course, we are immediately interested in those that are relevant to our business. SXSW didn’t let us down! There are a number of topics that touch on the latest trends transforming the real estate and facility management industry.

Data discussion

Perhaps one of the hottest topics, the Internet of Things (IoT) features several sessions relevant to managing the real estate lifecycle. For instance, learn how using sensors in buildings to transform them into smart buildings impacts the world’s infrastructure, and even how this sensor movement impacts social change. For those that are truly passionate about the IoT, attendees are even invited to an exclusive meet up.

Big data serves as an underlying theme throughout the festival for all sectors. For real estate, hot topics like how mobile transforms the retail experience piqued our interest. While having data serves as one piece of the puzzle, knowing how to analyze and use it completes the picture. Several topics, like how to make big data easier to digest and how to manage data beyond the cloud, are at the top of our list.

Managing millenials

With millennials entering the workforce faster than ever before, several of our favorite SXSW sessions are focusing on ways to manage the new workforce. Topics include how to help millennials maximize their potential to reach rockstar status, as well as how to build teams among today’s new working generation.

While millennials account for nearly 50 percent of the U.S. workforce, only about one percent work in or have plans to work in facility management. Having insight into what drives this new generation, as well as how to create a millennial-friendly work culture, serve as starting points to make our industry more attractive to this generation.

Whether you will be in Austin for the full SXSW festival or stopping by for a few days to attend some of the free events in our favorite spots, you can be sure that you find a track that fits your passions and needs.