Posted on 08/17/2015

Managing over 9,500 students and 1.5 million square feet, Columbia College Chicago faced challenges with managing the maintenance of their buildings and campus.

Without CMMS software, they didn't have a central system for consolidating their facilities data and had difficulty tracking service requests and completed work.  

In addition to an inefficient work order process, they didn't have a regular preventive maintenance program. This lack of a program resulted in infrequent maintenance and regular equipment failure. Downtime and emergency replacement requests affected the overall organization and drove up costs.

Columbia College realized these inefficiencies were costly and they needed to take action to improve their processes. To overcome these challenges, Columbia College searched for a CMMS solution that would achieve the following goals:

  1. Increase visibility into work order requests and completed work
  2. Initiate a preventive maintenance program and decrease number of unexpected order requests
  3. Centralize facilities data and create a system of record

Columbia College selected FAMIS as the solution that could meet their needs. Since implementing, they reduced unanticipated work order requests by 80 percent, decreased the IT cost of supporting multiple systems, and justified the investment of additional staff.

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