Posted on 01/14/2015

By Lora Mays, Product Marketing Manager

Update: This live webinar has passed, but you're in luck! Click here to watch the free webinar, “5 Tips to Make Your Facilities Team More Efficient.”

In today’s market, “doing more with less” has become a mantra for a number of companies. Particular for real estate and facilities teams, this can pose a challenge when trying to balance all that needs to get done. However, the right strategies can make your team more efficient while helping you maximize the use of your available resources.

On Wednesday, February 4, I will be discussing “5 tips to make your facilities teams more efficient” in a free 30-minute webinar. Gain insight into how you can boost your team’s communication strategies to improve operations, as well as the benefits of automating your facilities activities.

The topic is the first in our 360Workplace webinar series that will serve to help real estate and facility leaders learn how to improve their operational efficiency, cut their costs, and ultimately drive profitability from the core of their organization.  

Register now for “5 tips to make your facilities teams more efficient.” To see the upcoming webinar schedule, visit our 360Workplace events page.