Posted on 08/18/2015

By Lora Mays, Product Marketing Manager

Leveraging a barcoding system to track your assets can offer a number of benefits to your organization. For one, it makes it much easier for your technicians to track down asset data within your computerized maintenance management solution (CMMS). All they need to do is scan the barcode, and the system will automatically pull up the information that they need to complete the work order.

In addition, it can help minimize data entry errors and improve your asset reporting, which is especially important on Life Safety Equipment. Barcoding can improve the quality of information on adverse event reports for medical devices, which allows for quicker identification, location, and repair or preventive maintenance.

Here are just a few ways that barcoding can be used in your hospital:

  • Automatic Work Order Completion. With the scan and go feature, a technician can scan an asset barcode and if using a solution like TMS, the "My Work Orders" feature will walk them through completing a work order.
  • Charging Materials and Inventory of Parts. During the completion of a work order, technicians can scan a barcode and charge materials used to that work order. At the same time, your inventory of parts is updated reflecting the usage. Organizations can now capture accurate materials and keep accurate inventory records.
  • Life Safety Equipment Inspections. Healthcare organizations know how important it is to keep track of the inspections of their Life Safety Equipment. By quickly scanning a barcode on the asset, the technician can be taken through a number of inspection steps quickly and efficiently.
  • Patient Room Inspections. Once a room has been cleaned and is ready for the next patient, housekeeping can scan the barcode associated with the room to indicate it is ready for occupancy.
  • Security. Keep an accurate account of all of your assets and their location. Always know where your assets are so they can be located quickly when needed or kept secure when in storage.
  • Task Readings.  Associate a barcode with a particular set of task readings. When the technician scans the barcode they receive the relevant task readings for that asset.

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