Posted on 05/28/2015

By Lora Mays, Product Marketing Manager

Social, mobile, analytics and cloud – or SMAC – has been named a key driving force for manufacturing success in 2015. Each of these components offers different values to help organizations drive operational success.

Mobile offers one of the biggest value drivers for organizations. At its very basic level, it improves the communication process between employees. Product line down? Sick employee that needs to leave the floor? Mobile offers a real-time communication channel that helps ensure safety for your employees, as well as drive productivity.  

But, it goes beyond that. Mobile tools can transform how your employees work, making them more efficient and engaged.

Let's start with the maintenance team. By leveraging mobile technology, they can walk up to a machine, scan a barcode and immediately pull up all the asset details to understand its outstanding maintenance issues. In addition, it can give insight into every maintenance activity that has ever been performed on that piece of equipment, as well as what upcoming preventive maintenance requirements may be – all with the click of a button.

Mobile instantaneously alerts the team of equipment breakdowns, allowing them to get to the issue and fix it faster. Because of this, they also have more time to focus on preventive maintenance – helping reduce, if not eliminate, unscheduled downtime while improving quality of work and equipment.

Preventive maintenance, when performed on a regular basis, has been proven to significantly reduce breakdown maintenance. But being proactive often gets dropped to the bottom fo the priority list when more pressing issues – like breakdowns – come first. 

In the event of unscheduled downtime, the team can receive notifications on their phone. Rahter than it being assigned arbitrarily to a teammate, this allows the first person available to claim the issue and fix it.

Real-time updates after performing maintenance activities can provide visibility into costs, as well as insight into team performance – without having to wait for someone to input data from paper copies and analyze manually.

In all, mobile technology on the plant floor helps teams work smarter. It improves the quality of work and, in turn, drives productivity and profitability from the core of the business.

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