Posted on 10/23/2015

By Lora Mays, Product Marketing Manager

For decades, the Building Maintenance Program (BMP) served as a measure to for healthcare organizations to follow for Joint Commission inspections. However, in 2009, the Joint Commission removed it from its mandates.

The Joint Commission may nolonger mandate a BMP, but it still adds significant value to healthcare organizations. It serves as a performance-based process specifically directed at Life Safety issues, for which specific maintenance frequencies are not stated in code. This may include items such as rated doors, corridor doors, fire doors, fire-rated barrier walls, corridor wall penetrations and egress illumination.

Following a BMP will ensure that you have a high level of accountability for completing these services, such as inspections, repairs and improvements. By using a CMMS solution designed for healthcare like TMS OnLine, you can further simplify the process by automating a number of the requests within the system. In addition, it will help you track the data that you collect and kick off work orders to correct deficiencies.

In addition, tracking your BMP data within your CMMS solution will help you understand your compliance rating. All organizations should strive for 100 percent compliance. If, for instance, you pull your inspection reports and see you are hovering below 95 percent, the frequency of your inspections will have to change to ensure that you are maintaining a higher level of compliance over time.

So, how do you calculate your compliance level? Your compliance level equals:




You can leverage this formula to look at specific assets or your facility as a whole to understand where your compliance levels are. Because the Building Maintenance Program is performance based, it gives you the opportunity to modify as needed in order to ensure that you are hitting the compliance numbers that are required by the Joint Commission.

Lastly, by having this data in a system like TMS OnLine, you can easily report on your BMP and demonstrate the overall performance of the program. Using a year-to-date reporting view, you can note the trends as the year progresses and demonstrate how your BMP supports higher compliance levels. This documentation can be shared with the Joint Commission or other inspecting authorities to demonstrate that you are proactively managing Life Safety.

The BMP is designed to be a proactive process to help ensure that you are hitting continuous compliance with the Life Safety Code. As a result, you have the ability to improve your compliance ratings and continue to meet standards set by the Joint Commission.

Interested in learning more? Contact us to see a product demo of how TMS OnLine supports a Building Maintenance Program (BMP).