Posted on 03/05/2015

By David Isaacson, Director, Product Marketing, VFA, an Accruent company

Update: This live webinar has passed, but you're in luck! Click here and enter the password budget to watch the free webinar, “Creating Objective Capital Budgets.”

We’re all being asked to do more with less. Facilities capital planners and managers, charged with meeting organizational priorities on lean budgets, must make smarter spending decisions. How can you objectively determine which capital projects to fund this year, and which should have the greatest priority? How can you prioritize the “important” projects first?

Join us on March 12 during our webinar “Creating Objective Capital Budgets: Best Practices for Leveraging Your Capital Dollars.” Ray Dufresne, Senior Solution Architect of VFA, an Accruent company, and I will present a case study describing the capital budgeting process implemented at Baylor University. You will gain insights into best-practice approaches for creating capital budgets that objectively balance the concerns of diverse functions and constituencies and align with strategic business goals. And, you’ll learn prioritization strategies for ranking different types of physical capital investments— facilities, capital equipment—and compare various budget scenarios to see the impact of different investment levels.

Register now for “Creating Objective Capital Budgets: Best Practices for Leveraging Your Capital Dollars!” Space is free but limited.