Posted on 01/21/2015

By Janet Vito, Director of Marketing

Update: This live webinar has passed, but you're in luck! Click here and enter the password value to watch the free webinar, “Demonstrating the Value of Facilities Investments at the University of Texas.”

With limited budgets and a long list of repairs, organizations face difficult choices when planning, prioritizing and executing maintenance and capital improvement programs. In our upcoming webinar, guest hosts Steve Kraal and Ana Thiemer from the University of Texas at Austin and David Isaacson, Director of Marketing of VFA, an Accruent company, will discuss how the University uses a set of solutions to identify high-priority capital investments along with proactively addressing day-to-day maintenance needs.

Over a decade, the University has relied on maintenance management and capital planning software solutions and services to manage over 20 million square feet of facilities. By leveraging high-quality condition assessment data along with daily maintenance information, the University has credible, reliable, actionable information to drive funding needs and enhancements to their campuses. The University more effectively addresses risk by linking operational data with condition information.

Join us on Wednesday, January 28 at 11 a.m. CST for the webinar, “From Planning to Execution: Demonstrating the Value of Facilities Investments at The University of Texas at Austin.” Our speakers will discuss how the University of Texas at Austin uses Accruent and VFA solutions to:

  • Manage their maintenance backlog
  • Improve the condition of their facilities
  • Secure an increase in annual funding based on defensible data
  • Improve communications across all constituents about the state of their facilities
  • Maintain their campus facilities operations and use that data to help inform long-term capital needs
  • Employ repeatable processes for prioritizing capital projects and allocating capital funds

Register today! Space is free but limited.


Steve Kraal, Senior Associate Vice President, Facilities, The University of Texas at Austin

Ana Thiemer, Assistant Director, Planning,The University of Texas at Austin

David Isaacson, Director, Product Marketing, VFA, an Accruent company