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The Strong Brand Promise of Store Appearance

Posted on 10/17/2017

Cleanliness can make or break sales for a food service business. Are you on top of your brand promise of having "great customer service" and keeping up with appearances?

Remote Monitoring - Keep Food Safe, Lose Less Sleep

Posted on 10/04/2017

One of the many challenges in food service is keeping up with the constant process changes and equipment upgrades to prove that you're keeping food safe before serving it.

If Amazon Can Deliver the Goods, So Should Healthcare

Posted on 09/29/2017

If Amazon can provide same-day delivery of gaming consoles, then equipment services at hospitals should be able to deliver ready-to-use critical medical devices.

Customer Lifetime Value in Food Service

Posted on 09/21/2017

Running a business is all about having a loyal customer base. Food service businesses are no exception.

IoT – The Big Change in Healthcare

Posted on 09/18/2017

The Internet of Things is causing an uproar in just about every industry, but it's especially true in healthcare.

Passive vs. Active RFID in Hospitals

Posted on 09/11/2017

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) and Real-time location systems (RTLS) play a key role in automation - specifically in the hospital workflow. Find out the advantages and disadvantages.

Using IoT to Fix Real Problems in Healthcare

Posted on 08/23/2017

The IoT phenomenon is causing a stir across a host of industries and healthcare is no exception. See how healthcare IoT is changing healthcare - for the better.

How Equipment Downtime Affects Your Food Service

Posted on 08/16/2017

Equipment downtime can have a big impact on your business. How can you save time, improve efficiency and avoid missing key customer service interactions?

The Top 7 Site Access Challenges for Telcos

Posted on 07/28/2017

One major issue that many telecom companies are finding difficult to manage: site access. The challenges encompass a variety of aspects, and we've highlighted the Top 7 challenges.

Strategic Capital Planning in Higher Education

Posted on 07/27/2017

In an increasingly data-driven world, university financial officers and staff need deeper insight and numbers to assess and justify their budgets. Institutions are realizing that they need to align both their short-term and long-term needs when preparing to meet program needs through facility expansion.

Best Practices to Prevent Medical Equipment Loss

Posted on 06/08/2017

Hospitals have thousands of pieces of mobile medical equipment. While support staff can’t monitor all this equipment all the time, hospitals can reduce or eliminate equipment from going places it’s not supposed to go.

How Accruent and Impinj Enable Your Mobile Medical Device Management

Posted on 06/24/2016

Automate the management, distribution and availability of mobile medical equipment using RAIN RFID.

5 Steps to Establishing a Reliability and Maintenance Policy

Posted on 07/01/2015

Creating an effective preventive maintenance program can transform your operations, nearly eliminating unscheduled downtime and driving productivity from your team. A reliability and maintenance policy serves as the first step in developing this program. Check out these five steps to help you put one in place that works for your organization.

An Overview of Asset Reporting

Posted on 06/22/2015

In the world of real estate and facilities, data and analytics can be leveraged in a number of different ways. In this blog post, see how leveraging data and key performance indicators for your assets can drive strategic business decisions.

6 Tips For Standardizing Inspections Across Plants

Posted on 06/08/2015

From lost product to failure to meeting production and shipping schedules, unscheduled downtime can wreak havoc on your organization. However, you can virtually eliminate unscheduled downtime with a world-class preventive maintenance program; standardizing inspections serves as one piece of the puzzle. In this blog post, learn six tips that you can implement to standardize your inspections across locations.

The Value of Mobile on the Plant Floor

Posted on 05/28/2015

Social, mobile, analytics and cloud – or SMAC – has become a key driving force for manufacturing. Among these components, mobile offers many benefits on the plant floor. See how these benefits can improve the quality of preventive maintenance and reduce unscheduled downtime.

The 10% Rule of Preventive Maintenance

Posted on 05/27/2015

How much time does your team spend on preventive maintenance? It doesn't matter if it's 20 percent of their day or 100 percent of their time; if you aren’t managing your preventive maintenance within the 10 percent rule, it’s likely that your PM program isn’t doing what it should for your assets. Find out how you can implement this in your organization.

Lack of Manpower? Learn How an Automated Asset Management Solution Fills the Gaps

Posted on 05/04/2015

There’s a lack of manpower in today’s manufacturing industry, and chances are it’s only going to become worse. Learn how an asset management solution can help fill the widening gap.

Steps to World-Class Asset Lifecycle Management

Posted on 03/18/2015

From reducing breakdowns to cutting costs, implementing world-class lifecycle management can transform your organization’s profitability. Accruent shares the 5 essential steps to help you reach world-class operations.