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Webinar: How Planning and Technology Deliver Smooth Implementation

Posted on 12/13/2016

Hear from Accruent and Cresa on the impact of FASB 842 on leased assets.

How to Choose FASB Lease Standard Compliance Software

Posted on 12/01/2016

As the new FASB regulations roll out, it’s now more important than ever to make the right choice about which software to use to manage your leases. In this blog edition, we will explore some key aspects you should be thinking about (if you aren’t already).

Big News: We’re Moving!

Posted on 11/30/2016

We’re proud to share the news that Accruent has begun operations in our new global headquarters.

2016 RPIC National Workshop

Posted on 11/11/2016

Accruent's Capital Planning team will be attending RPIC 2016 in Ottawa!

FMJ Article: How to Integrate Capital Planning and FM

Posted on 06/01/2016

IFMA members can check out an in-depth article on integrating FM and CP in FMJ Magazine, written by Accruent's own Laura Cook!

7 Steps to Better Capital Planning: Prioritize Capital Projects

Posted on 11/13/2015

Once you're armed with the data you need to assess your portfolio, you can begin to think about how to prioritize your capital projects. But, what is the best way to do this? Learn more in this blog post, which provides insight into what to consider when prioritizing your capital investments.

5 Tips to Prep Your Facility for Winter Weather

Posted on 11/10/2015

Whether you manage a hospital or manufacturing facility, it’s important that you prepare for winter weather while ensuring the comfort and safety of those that frequent the location. In this blog post, check out our five tips to ensure you are ready for winter weather at your facility.

Webinar: Keeping Your Data Secure in the Cloud

Posted on 10/28/2015

Concerns over data security keeping you from moving to the cloud? Join us in our next webinar on Thursday, November 5 to learn how you can keep your data secure in the cloud.

And That’s a Wrap – Final Thoughts on User Forum 2015

Posted on 10/08/2015

Accruent held its User Forum user conference September 29-October 1 in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. Attended by nearly 100 users representing several industries we serve, it was an opportunity to share best industry and product practices, as well as make an exciting company announcement.

Celebrate Labor Day with these FM Associations

Posted on 09/07/2015

To celebrate Labor Day, we wanted to share some facility professional organizations that we feel can be helpful to facilities teams looking to improve their processes and learn best practices. The following organizations do a great job facilitating collaboration across networks and offer events for you to connect with peers in person to collaborate and learn more about where facility management is heading.

Webinar: 5 Facility KPIs You Need to Track

Posted on 07/22/2015

Join us for our webinar at 1 p.m. CT on Wednesday, July 29 to learn about the key facility data points your team needs to start tracking today.

Getting Internal Buy-in for Sustainability Initiatives

Posted on 07/15/2015

With buildings consuming 40 percent of the world's electricity, organizations typically have a large energy footprint. By implementing sustainability initiatives across the organization, you have an opportunity to significantly reduce costs and realize other benefits. Learn how you can propose a sustainability initiative that will secure internal buy-in.

Webinar: Transforming Facility Management with 360Facility

Posted on 07/14/2015

Accruent customer Mission Federal Credit Union has transformed its facilities management by using 360Facility. Join us for a free webinar at 1 p.m. CT on Tuesday, July 21, to hear how they leveraged our solution to improve their operations.

10 Features to Include on Your CMMS Wish List

Posted on 07/10/2015

Are you in the market for a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), but unsure of what functionality you need? Check out this list of 10 features that you should include on your CMMS wish list.

Creating a Preventive Maintenance Program? Check Out These 6 Resources

Posted on 07/07/2015

Thinking about creating a preventive maintenance program? Interested in improving the one you already have in place? Check out this blog post for our top resources to help you transform your preventive maintenance program for the most gains.

5 Facility KPIs You Need to Track

Posted on 07/03/2015

Collecting and analyzing data can transform your maintenance organization. It can reveal gaps in your processes and where you can gain efficiencies, which is always a bonus in a world where we’re focused on doing more with less. In this blog post, learn the five KPIs that you should track.

How to Improve Your Preventive Maintenance Program

Posted on 06/23/2015

Have you checked everything off the list for what you need to do to create a successful preventive maintenance (PM) program, but you aren’t seeing any changes in the performance of your equipment? In this blog post, learn what you can do to improve your PM program.

An Overview of Asset Reporting

Posted on 06/22/2015

In the world of real estate and facilities, data and analytics can be leveraged in a number of different ways. In this blog post, see how leveraging data and key performance indicators for your assets can drive strategic business decisions.

Data vs. Information - What's the Difference?

Posted on 06/19/2015

From analyzing key performance indicators to gathering metrics around various aspects of the organization, reporting has become essential to business operations. The question remains: What do we do with it? Learn how you can transform your data into information to, in turn, transform your business.

Aligning Vendors with Your Success

Posted on 06/17/2015

Whether you have a distributed portfolio or a small facility management team, vendors can augment your success and ensure that you are quickly responding and completing work orders. In this blog post, learn how you can align your vendors to drive success for your facility and maintenance management team.

A Thank You to the World's Facility Managers

Posted on 06/10/2015

In honor of World FM Day, organizations around the globe are focused on bringing awareness to the facility management profession. Here at Accruent, we have put together our own "thank you" to facility managers to celebrate this day.

7 Maintenance Activities for the Summer

Posted on 06/02/2015

Summer is here, bringing warmer temperatures and longer days. It can also bring challenges for facility managers, as they transition from wet spring weather to summer's humidity and heat. It’s important to spend some time preparing your facilities for the changing season to ensure everything operates in optimal condition. Are you spending time on these seven summer maintenance activities?

The 10% Rule of Preventive Maintenance

Posted on 05/27/2015

How much time does your team spend on preventive maintenance? It doesn't matter if it's 20 percent of their day or 100 percent of their time; if you aren’t managing your preventive maintenance within the 10 percent rule, it’s likely that your PM program isn’t doing what it should for your assets. Find out how you can implement this in your organization.

What Does Your Emergency Planning Process Look Like?

Posted on 05/25/2015

Are you part of the 20 percent of companies that don't have an emergency plan in place? Don't fret: we've got three key strategies to developing a comprehensive emergency plan.

How Facility Teams Can Improve Internal Customer Service

Posted on 05/20/2015

Facility management has traditionally been a function that isn’t seen or heard from, unless something goes wrong. Other employees often don’t understand the value that they bring to the organization. Check out these four strategies to see how you can improve your internal customer service.

5 Ways to Cut Your Maintenance Costs

Posted on 03/30/2015

Repairs eat into your maintenance budget and can drain resources like staff and energy. Finding ways to cut costs is easier said than done for organizations already operating lean; however, even some minor operational changes can significantly impact your maintenance costs. Accruent asks 5 questions that can help your organization start saving money.

The Art of Setting SLAs

Posted on 03/08/2015

As facilities departments become more strategic, their work becomes more dynamic and difficult to manage – particularly if internal service level agreements (SLAs) are not put in place. While you can throw a number out there and see if the team can meet it, strategically defining your SLAs is more effective. Accruent offers 5 questions to ask yourself as you set internal SLAs.

Webinar: Creating Objective Capital Budgets

Posted on 03/05/2015

We’re all being asked to do more with less. Facilities capital planners and managers, charged with meeting organizational priorities on lean budgets, must make smarter spending decisions. On Thursday, March 12, Accruent will present a case study describing Baylor University’s capital budgeting process during the webinar, “Creating Objective Capital Budgets: Best Practices for Leveraging Your Capital Dollars.”

Upcoming webinar: How to increase your facilities team’s efficiency

Posted on 01/14/2015

“Doing more with less” has become a mantra for a number of companies in today’s market, which can pose a challenge real estate and facilities teams when trying to balance all that needs to get done. In Accruent’s upcoming webinar “5 tips to make your facilities team more efficient,” Accruent’s Product Marketing Manager Lora Mays will discuss how the right strategies can make your team more efficient while helping you maximize the use of your available resources.

Top 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Facility Managers

Posted on 12/29/2014

A new year is right around the corner, and if you’re like most people, you are already thinking about your resolutions. Of course, they don’t have to be limited to your personal life – setting goals at your job can also make a big difference in how rewarding you make your 2015. Accruent offers the top seven New Year’s resolutions for facility managers to consider.