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The Perils of Manual Data Entry in Facilities Capital Planning

Posted on 05/01/2017

Spreadsheet errors can have a major impact on business results as inaccurate data is propagated throughout an organization. Manual data entry, especially into spreadsheets lacking standardization and controls, is inefficient and yields numbers that cannot be trusted for accurate decisions.

How the Internet of Things Is Shaping the Future of Facilities Management in Education

Posted on 03/15/2017

The rise of data analytics and the Internet of Things means that colleges and universities will experience blending of facilities management (FM) departments with information and technology systems (ITS) departments

2016 RPIC National Workshop

Posted on 11/11/2016

Accruent's Capital Planning team will be attending RPIC 2016 in Ottawa!

Best Practices in Facilities Capital Planning - Ottawa 2016!

Posted on 11/07/2016

Join us in Ottawa this week to learn about the award-winning best practices in capital planning implemented by Marcel Gingras of Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt, including mission-centric prioritization, effective capital budgeting and managing the paradigm shift from reactive and ad hoc to proactive and programmatic.

Pokemon Go and Healthcare

Posted on 10/15/2016

The latest augmented reality craze isn't too far removed from navigating some of the challenges of running a hospital.

Establishing an Ongoing Facilities Capital Planning Program: Part Two

Posted on 09/01/2016

So, you’ve taken the first steps to establishing an ongoing facilities capital planning program. Once you’ve gathered facility condition data, established a process and developed a capital budget for next year, what should you do next? Based on our experience working with facilities managers, there are a few key things we recommend...

Establishing an Ongoing Facilities Maintenance Program - Part Two

Posted on 08/29/2016

So, you’ve taken the first steps to establishing an ongoing facilities capital planning program. Once you’ve gathered facility condition data, established a process and developed a capital budget for next year, what should you do next? Based on our experience working with facilities managers, there are a few key things we recommend.

Accruent Showcases Functionality at ASHE 2016

Posted on 07/08/2016

Next week, thousands of healthcare facility management professionals will come together in Denver for the 2016 ASHE conference. At booth 419, Accruent will showcase key functionality from its suite of healthcare products, including TMS, Asset Enterprise and VFA.

Going Paperless: Bad Habits Are Hard To Break

Posted on 06/17/2016

Many techs anticipate their workload by the number of paper work orders they have in their inbox. CMMS, as well as new innovations in mobile computing, allows the life cycle of work orders to exist completely on the network.

Facility Management Applications Help Boost Customer Service and Satisfaction – FM Executive Survey

Posted on 06/13/2016

Hiring third-party service providers with the right expertise in strategic and tactical facilities management activities has shown the greatest impact in improving customer service, according to a recent survey of Facility Management executives. The survey asked FM executives to share their top challenges around overseeing large campus logistics.

New Standard Supports High-Tech Management of Facility Assets

Posted on 06/06/2016

Constantly shifting building standards are always of concern in the construction world. Make sure you're up to date on the latest changes.

Accruent debuts new functionality at AAMI 2016

Posted on 06/03/2016

This weekend, thousands of biomedical engineering professionals will come together in Tampa for the 2016 Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) Conference and Expo. Accruent will be exhibiting at booth 317 at the show.

FMJ Article: How to Integrate Capital Planning and FM

Posted on 06/01/2016

IFMA members can check out an in-depth article on integrating FM and CP in FMJ Magazine, written by Accruent's own Laura Cook!

National Building Safety Month 2016

Posted on 05/31/2016

President Obama recognizes National Building Safety Month, and so do we!

What Could Your Facilities Planning Strategy Be Missing?

Posted on 05/18/2016

In the latest issue of Facility Manager, published by APPA, Accruent’s Director of Strategy Tim McLean sheds light on how an integrated capital planning and facilities management solution provides greater portfolio insight and cost-savings.

From the Archive: Facilities Management as a Strategic Contributor

Posted on 04/19/2016

This week we're celebrating the Accruent blog's second anniversary! Let's take a look back at our first blog article... Are you still waiting to move to the cloud?

Mainspring Healthcare Solutions Joins the Accruent Family

Posted on 04/08/2016

We are very excited to announce today that Mainspring Healthcare Solutions is joining the Accruent family.

Webinar: Understanding the 2016 Joint Commission Updates

Posted on 02/09/2016

Learn more about what will be covered in our webinar, "Understanding the 2016 Joint Commission Updates," which will be held on Thursday, February 18.

Four Key Benefits of Having Current Data

Posted on 01/06/2016

Without having detailed facility condition assessments (FCAs), you cannot understand the true condition of your assets. Check out the four key benefits realized by organizations who keep their asset data current.

What to Know for Utility Systems Compliance

Posted on 01/05/2016

Learn about what's required for Utility Systems compliance and key resources that can help you understand and meet these regulatory requirements set forth by the Joint Commission.

10 Healthcare Blog Posts from 2015 That You Must Read

Posted on 12/29/2015

As we say goodbye to 2015 this week, it’s time to review our year. With that, we’re sharing our favorite healthcare blog posts from this year.

The Changing Medical Office Building

Posted on 12/22/2015

Learn how trends in today's healthcare market are transforming the way that we use and manage the medical office building.

What to Include in Your 2016 Facility Capital Plan

Posted on 12/11/2015

Developing your 2016 facility capital plan? Learn how you can maximize your facility capital budget by focusing on these four elements in your facility capital plan.

Debunking Five Common Myths about Cloud Software

Posted on 12/08/2015

Heard rumors that the cloud isn't secure or can't scale? In this blog post, we debunk five common myths about cloud software.

5 Tips to Prep Your Facility for Winter Weather

Posted on 11/10/2015

Whether you manage a hospital or manufacturing facility, it’s important that you prepare for winter weather while ensuring the comfort and safety of those that frequent the location. In this blog post, check out our five tips to ensure you are ready for winter weather at your facility.

7 Steps to Better Capital Planning: Data Gathering

Posted on 10/30/2015

With the facility capital planning process defined, next up comes the data gathering process. Knowing that your data is valid can help you create accurate cost and condition estimates, which serves as the basis for a successful facility capital plan. In this blog post, learn how you can gather the data you need to develop an effective facility capital plan.

7 Steps to Better Facility Capital Planning

Posted on 10/20/2015

For most organizations, their facility and real estate portfolio falls as the second largest expense item on the balance sheet. Finding ways to improve the operations of these facilities can save organizations significant costs and ensure that their buildings are serving them in the best way possible, now and in the future. Learn the first step to better facility capital planning in today's blog post.

Celebrate Labor Day with these FM Associations

Posted on 09/07/2015

To celebrate Labor Day, we wanted to share some facility professional organizations that we feel can be helpful to facilities teams looking to improve their processes and learn best practices. The following organizations do a great job facilitating collaboration across networks and offer events for you to connect with peers in person to collaborate and learn more about where facility management is heading.

Key Regulatory Reports for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations

Posted on 09/03/2015

To prepare for a regulatory agency audit, it's essential to support your documentation with a full suite of reports. Within our industry-leading CMMS solution for healthcare, TMS, you can access a full suite of reports to ensure you are prepared for a regulatory audit. See a sample list of these reports in this blog post.

Why You Should Attend User Forum 2015

Posted on 08/26/2015

Any company knows that budgets must be considered when investing in technology or an event. You have to understand the ROI a conference can realize for your business. That’s why we have given an explanation of roles that should attend our upcoming User Forum customer conference in Victoria, BC, and how they will benefit.