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Remote Monitoring - Keep Food Safe, Lose Less Sleep

Posted on 10/04/2017

One of the many challenges in food service is keeping up with the constant process changes and equipment upgrades to prove that you're keeping food safe before serving it.

Customer Lifetime Value in Food Service

Posted on 09/21/2017

Running a business is all about having a loyal customer base. Food service businesses are no exception.

In a Changing Market, QSRs Looking at Ways to Save Time

Posted on 08/31/2017

With the constant knock of a trend-setting technology ready to transform the customer experience at every turn, QSRs must pivot their strategies constantly. How can they innovate without time and money lost?

How Equipment Downtime Affects Your Food Service

Posted on 08/16/2017

Equipment downtime can have a big impact on your business. How can you save time, improve efficiency and avoid missing key customer service interactions?

Food Service: Shrinking Margins, Expanding Costs, and How to Fix It

Posted on 08/08/2017

Critical decisions about maintenance and repair can be overwhelming tasks for a food service operator. How can you be prepared?

Convenience Store Construction – How to Save Time and Money

Posted on 08/03/2017

Convenience stores are feeling the pressure of running their business as efficiently as possible while maximizing profits. But, with new demands from consumers, this pressure isn't just about (facility) operations.

If Retail Is Dead, Why Is Amazon Opening Physical Stores?

Posted on 07/21/2017

As retail embarks on a new transition, retailers and developers are changing the metrics once used in order to keep up with the ever-changing standards.

Why You Should Care About FASB 842 Lease Accounting Changes

Posted on 04/28/2017

Depending on your role in an organization, you may not think about accounting standards very much (or at all). In fact, there are many reasons you should be thinking about the implications of the FASB 842 lease accounting changes.

How to Choose FASB Lease Standard Compliance Software

Posted on 12/01/2016

As the new FASB regulations roll out, it’s now more important than ever to make the right choice about which software to use to manage your leases. In this blog edition, we will explore some key aspects you should be thinking about (if you aren’t already).

Retail Executive Summit Recap

Posted on 10/06/2016

The 10th annual Accruent Retail Executive Summit took place last month, and the event was a rousing success. The theme was “Building the Customer Experience.”

Getting Your Business FASB Ready – Part Two

Posted on 08/16/2016

Getting Your Business FASB Ready – Part One

Posted on 08/04/2016

There are a number of standards that have been established that require adherence by non-governmental companies and organizations. In February 2016, FASB announced the new accounting standard ASC 842, that requires these organizations to include lease obligations on their balance sheet.

Retail Trends: Digitizing the Storefront

Posted on 06/09/2016

For the retail industry, the storefront has taken on an entirely new meaning.

Is Your Lease Solution FASB Ready?

Posted on 05/25/2016

The new FASB and IASB lease accounting standards could make a big difference for your company, with possible implications including a bigger compliance burden and a material change on corporate financial statements. Is your lease solution ready?

Mobile Technology Meets Brick-and-Mortar Retail

Posted on 02/24/2016

As consumers slowly move towards doing more of their shopping online, retailers must adapt to changing consumer preferences and patterns. Retailers need to match the technology that consumers are already bringing with them into the store. More than half of the key 18-to-44 demographic surveyed said that they’re “likely to favor a store with advanced mobile capabilities.”

Five Ways Mobile Apps Can Improve Brick & Mortar Stores

Posted on 12/17/2015

Here are five ways a mobile app can enhance your in-store customers’ experience.

7 Steps to Better Capital Planning: Prioritize Capital Projects

Posted on 11/13/2015

Once you're armed with the data you need to assess your portfolio, you can begin to think about how to prioritize your capital projects. But, what is the best way to do this? Learn more in this blog post, which provides insight into what to consider when prioritizing your capital investments.

How to Capitalize on IoT in Retail

Posted on 11/12/2015

As a retailer, capitalizing on IoT doesn’t necessarily mean having to find ways to connect your products to the internet. Instead, you can find ways to connect your business model – from the warehouse to in-store customer experience.

The Boom of Athleisure

Posted on 10/29/2015

Athleisure features garments that blur the line between athletic wear and casual, every day wear. While brands like Lululemon have catered to the growing trend for years, other businesses are hurrying to join the competition. Experts ponder over whether this trend is a passing fad or a shift in retail that’s here to stay.

Is Fast Fashion Right For You?

Posted on 10/14/2015

Fall fashion hit the runway last month, and within days you could find the newest trends at an affordable price at retail stores like Zara, H&M and Forever21. Delivering high-end designs to a mass market sounds like a good idea, but at what price does it come?

Moving Distribution Centers to Storefronts

Posted on 09/10/2015

E-commerce companies like Amazon have transformed customer expectations with features like a seemingly boundless inventory and same-day delivery. Although this has left many retailers grappling to compensate for their limited offerings, bigger retailers have become savvy by transforming storefronts into mini distribution centers.

How to Create a Third Space

Posted on 08/20/2015

Retailers are not just competing with ecommerce giants and other brands. Learn how to set yourself apart with a unique “third space.”

Four Ways That Retail is Growing

Posted on 07/31/2015

Eyebrows raised at the future of retail during the economic recession in 2008 in conjunction of the rise of e-commerce. However, market research firm eMarketer projects e-commerce will grow beyond $3.5 trillion in the next 5 years, with $1.672 trillion spent online this year. Read this post to understand four reasons why retail’s on the rise again.

The Real Estate Lifecycle at Family Dollar

Posted on 07/20/2015

With over 8,000 locations around the U.S., Family Dollar is an established brand that, like many other retailers, is challenged to effectively manage its real estate lifecycle. Learn how Family Dollar implemented a suite of real estate management solutions to make better-informed site selections, accurately track and manage construction projects with preferred vendors, and maintain visibility into its portfolio’s condition.

The Shifting Demands of Retail Real Estate

Posted on 07/09/2015

There is a shifting real estate demand in the retail industry based on socioeconomic trends. Trends include the rise of discount stores, shifting expansion plans and growth of lifestyle centers or “the third space.” Read this blog post to learn more about what it means for the future of retail.

Retail Marketing Gets Popping

Posted on 06/18/2015

Pop-up shops are a marketing move that’s gaining popularity for retailers, both new and seasoned. They take form in mobile trucks, kiosks and temporary residency in vacant brick and mortar spaces. From tech gadgets to designer sunglasses to homemade crafts, learn more about why an array of businesses have taken to flash retail.

ICSC RECON: Go to Make Deals, Stay For the Free Samples

Posted on 05/29/2015

Last week, Accruent attended ICSC RECON, an impressive retail conference held in Las Vegas, NV. It was the perfect avenue for companies to promote their products, strengthen existing relationships and forge new ones through deals made right there on the showroom floor.

6 Changes to Retail Real Estate

Posted on 03/25/2015

The retail landscape has shifted over the past few years, creating a need for retailers to change their growth strategy. Accruent presents an infographic on the 6 retail real estate changes that are making a big difference.

Relax, retailers: Centers still top as shopping destinations

Posted on 02/16/2015

With the rise of e-commerce, the shopping landscape has inevitably evolved to better meet the expectations of today’s consumer. However, a study shows that it’s far from time for shopkeepers to lock up. Rather, commercial properties are thriving more than ever.

Collaboration – more than a buzzword?

Posted on 12/15/2014

Real Estate, Design/Construction, and Facilities teams are constantly being asked to do more with less, to be more efficient, and to scale. A key pillar to achieving that is the need to work together more effectively which is not always an easy task when teams are often large, include people from various organizations and are often geographically distributed. In this upcoming series, Accruent’s Senior Vice President of Strategy, Melissa Sitton, will share her experiences and observations of teams who successfully overcome these challenges and develop successful team collaboration.