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Win Big, Think Small: Overcoming the Challenges of Small Cell Deployment

Posted on 06/07/2016

Small, relatively inexpensive, and deployable just about anywhere, small cells provide a flexible way to increase capacity and service areas while better managing traffic.Yet these deployments are no easy task. Small cells present many complex deployment challenges that go far beyond those posed by macrosites. To ensure maximum value from small cells, carriers and their service providers must overcome these challenges.

RCR Wireless: HetNet Review – Small Cells, DAS & Integrated Wi-Fi

Posted on 10/13/2014

A must read: RCR Wireless just released a new editorial report in their Wireless Infrastructure Series: Het Net Review – Small Cells, DAS & Integrated Wi-Fi. As mobile operators focus on the need for network densification, the companies that supply and service the carriers are exploring the business models and technologies that can enable successful DAS and small cell deployments.