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How Spreadsheets Limit Facilities Capital Planning Collaboration

Posted on 05/15/2017

When building data is maintained in different spreadsheets, accuracy deteriorates and collaboration is difficult. Other challenges include the sluggish handling of bulky files, and a lack of version control which can cause confusion and errors.

The Perils of Manual Data Entry in Facilities Capital Planning

Posted on 05/01/2017

Spreadsheet errors can have a major impact on business results as inaccurate data is propagated throughout an organization. Manual data entry, especially into spreadsheets lacking standardization and controls, is inefficient and yields numbers that cannot be trusted for accurate decisions.

2016 RPIC National Workshop

Posted on 11/11/2016

Accruent's Capital Planning team will be attending RPIC 2016 in Ottawa!

Why Facilities Capital Planning Matters

Posted on 01/11/2016

Capital planning is a complex and important part of your organization. Read this blog post to learn what questions you should be able to answer when developing a capital planning strategy.

Understanding the Facility Capital Planning Process

Posted on 05/14/2015

When it comes to predicting the future, none of us – even with a crystal ball – are very good at knowing what will happen. In the case of facility management, this can be quite scary as budgets grow smaller and resources become harder to come by. Learn how, by implementing a data-driven facility capital planning process, you can insure the future of your organization's real estate and facility portfolio.