360Lease offers deep functionality for streamlining the full lease lifecycle, driving productivity, enhancing strategic decision making, and ensuring lease compliance.

As a tenant, 360Lease helps confirm complete payment accuracy by closely monitoring lease terms and minimum payments due. As a landlord, 360Lease prevents missing payments with automated invoicing and rent collections.

Benefits of Lease Administration Software from Accruent

Increase Efficiency in Lease Executions

Ensure negotiated clauses are known and enforced, improve negotiation power through portfolio analysis and eliminate lease abstraction inefficiencies with standardized lease templates.

Reduce Costs through Expense Compliance

Reduce lease expenses by auditing reconciliation statements of occupancy expenses, such as operating costs, against lease-specific language, from within the lease administration software.

Automate CPI Escalations

Calculate Consumer Price Index (CPI) rates automatically and apply them to rental amounts, ensuring correct rent payments and eliminating the manual process of uncovering leases with CPI escalations.

Ensure FASB Compliance

Eliminate the time-intensive and high-risk process of manually generating and managing lease accounting schedules for both Capital and Operating leases.

Manage Land and Property Tax

Reduce or eliminate tax obligations or penalties by increasing visibility into total costs through effective management of land parcels and property tax assessments and bills.

Streamline Rent Processing

Achieve 100% rent payment accuracy by quickly identifying the variance between previous payments to ensure proper review and approval takes place for rent processing.

Manage Tenant Collections

Automate the invoicing and collection of rent and other occupancy costs from properties that are leased or subleased to avoid overlooking tenant payments.

Track Critical Dates

Maintain control of the lease renewal process by managing critical dates identified during lease abstraction. Create automatic notifications, preventing missed opportunities and avoiding late payments and fees.

360Lease helps you avoid payment mistakes and overcharges, streamlining the full lease lifecycle and driving productivity. Learn more about 360Lease and Accruent’s lease management software for corporate customers by contacting an Accruent sales representative.