FAMIS is designed to provide your institution with the facility management solutions you need to manage the complete facilities lifecycle — from real estate acquisitions to project management, operations, maintenance, facilities management, asset management, inventory control and space management. Below is a list of commonly asked questions.

How does the system manage job costing?

FAMIS utilizes a nonprofit fund accounting (NPFA) structure to enable organizations to assign complex account codes to each expenditure, ensuring that it has been accounted for and can be reported on correctly. This system allows organizations to track the specific accounts that funds are coming from, going to, and for what purpose to guarantee that grants and donations that have been earmarked for specific purposes are used appropriately.

What types of users can access the system?

User security is flexible and configurable within FAMIS. We allow access for:

  • Full Users, who can be granted full access to system features, depending upon the security rights assigned.
  • Named Guests, who should have limited access to the system, but whose actions need to be associated to a particular person.
  • Unnamed Guests, who share an anonymous login to the system with limited access.

And there is no per-user fee, so you can have as many users accessing the system as you need at no additional charge!

What types of work can you manage with the system?

Work orders can be generated to manage any type of maintenance activity. FAMIS can manage corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance needs with work request types that are configured by you to match your business requirements.

What types of assets can you track in the system?

FAMIS can track and manage any type of asset that requires maintenance. These assets can be grouped in asset classes, have asset numbers, serial numbers, asset descriptions, statuses, manufacturer details and models. Assets can exist individually or have dependents, they can be related to other assets and specific technicians can be assigned to maintaining specific asset types.

How does the system manage scheduled maintenance?

FAMIS allows you to easily create and maintain work orders for any repetitive, scheduled work.  A schedule can be tied to an asset, a location, or both. The Schedule module can be used to:

  • Create preventive maintenance or seasonal, periodic work schedules.
  • Define ongoing work schedules for cleaning, lighting replacement or other tenant services.

The ability to proactively maintain assets and facilities through a preventive maintenance program enables an organization to fulfill maintenance requirements, maximize productivity and extend asset life.

How does the system handle reporting?

FAMIS comes with a variety of configurable out-of-box reports for day-to-day facilities maintenance. These include work request, work order, and performance reports that can be exported to either excel or HTML. FAMIS also includes high-level executive dashboards to provide managers and directors with a snapshot of all maintenance activities. Finally, we also provide a Business Intelligence engine via MicroStrategy for organizations that require ad-hoc reporting, KPI creation or analytics.

How long does it take to implement?

FAMIS implementation is dependent on your historic data migration needs, training requirements and the number of modules purchased. It can vary by customer type, and we work with you to find a timing that works best for your organization. Our implementations typically range from 3 weeks to 3 months. Regardless of the time of the implementation, our Professional Service team will work with you to ensure that you achieve an effective implementation and that you are prepared for sustainable long-term success with the product.

Can customers & technicians access the system from the field?

As a purely cloud-based system, FAMIS is accessible from any web-enabled device with a connection to the Internet.

Is it modular, or do I have to license everything?

FAMIS is modular and scalable; you only need to purchase the products that will add value to your maintenance organization, and you can purchase and install new products at any time.

How much IT time and resource does it take to run?

Zero! As a cloud-based system, there is no IT infrastructure, hardware or software for you to worry about. We host, maintain and update the system for you as part of your subscription.