Track the lifecycle of activities and costs associated with maintainable equipment, structures and other fixed assets across campus within Accruent’s FAMIS asset management software in your real estate management system.

Benefits of Real Estate Asset Management:

Evaluate Asset Inventory

Capture historical data for all owned and leased assets, including the location of the asset, allocation of the asset, warranty information and overall condition, within your asset management software.  This will help you analyze your portfolio key performance metrics, such as occupancy costs and vacancy rates.

Plan Asset Lifecycle

Use lifecycle models to understand costs and timelines associated with assets to make projections on expenditures and properly plan for asset replacement. Store a history of all activities and costs associated to the asset – from installation to service to preventive maintenance.

Assess Facility Conditions

Identify and prioritize where future facility repairs are needed, the current conditions and the costs to repair them, and automatically update data through your real estate management system. Integrate with your other commercial property management software solutions with automatic updates to work orders and capital projects as deficiencies are resolved.

Optimize Repair-Versus-Replace Decisions

Reduce long-term operating costs by providing instant online visibility of warranty information, acquisition and replacement costs and analysis of historical and on-going maintenance and repair expense.

Track Asset Distribution

Optimize use of assets by conducting real estate asset management to accurately track locations and assess opportunities for asset transfers in place of purchases.

Improve Asset Upkeep

Realize longer asset life through automated planned maintenance, notifications and workflows in order to avoid cost leakage from depreciating assets. The automation of preventive maintenance scheduling prolongs asset life.

Manage Asset Repair Inventories

Manage the stock of repair and replacement parts needed to maintain asset conditions within a consolidated real estate management system. Use the comprehensive reordering features to maintain the optimal quantity of items in stock, ensuring that parts and material are available when needed without overstocking.

Move Facility Assets

Automate the countless transactions required to accurately track, schedule, reserve and execute moves of facility assets. Using an automated workflow process, you are able to generate and track move orders automatically and report on confirmation, fulfillment and readiness.