Gain visibility into owned and leased property details and the associated legal and financial obligations for your entire campus portfolio using Accruent’s FAMIS lease management software.

Benefits of Lease Management:

Avoid Unnecessary Property Costs

Make informed real estate decisions and improve your power to negotiate by capturing and maintaining information about land inventory and monitoring market information.  With a single source of market data, you will be able to improve your power to negotiate.

Identify Expansion Opportunities

Use information collected on land inventory and market information to make informed decisions on real estate expansion opportunities. Track the details related to acquisitions, including appraisal values, tax assessments, mortgage information, deed restrictions and disposition of assets.

Track Lease Records

Consolidate core lease information in your lease administration software, like amendments, lease prohibitions, tenant and/or landlord rights and lease history to avoid missing critical dates and stay within lease compliance. Define a master lease with component leases to track unique lease terms for multiple structures or land areas.

Eliminate Unnecessary Lease Payments

Centralize all lease option information obtained during lease abstraction, including renewal, early termination and additional space in order to track critical dates and support automatic or tickler notifications.

Optimize Revenue from Sub-Tenants

Quickly identify missed or late payments from sub-tenants with better tracking of tenant payment responsibilities and schedules within your lease management software.  Follow-up on late and/or missed payments in a timely manner by reviewing standard or customized reports.

Administer Rent Payments

Identify payment records to be defined as “rent,” then create and update rent payment schedules to one or multiple providers. Integrate with your financial systems for complete rent payment administration.