Gain visibility into the space allocation and utilization across your campus to identify opportunities for additional usage or funding within your FAMIS space planning software.

Benefits of Space Management:

Improve Indirect Cost Recovery

Track the functional use of space at the room level to ensure timely and accurate audits with minimal effort that capture maximum indirect costs associated with grant funding.

Track Allocations

Distinguish between space owners, occupiers and functional users at the department and employee level across research and non-research universities. Use your space management software as a single source of truth for space type, usage, capacity and allocation for sharing with all campus location requirements.

Uncover Additional Square Footage

Use an accurate, up-to-date tracking system for all square footage in use on campus. This data helps you recognize opportunities to fill vacant space on campus, reducing costs on additional space leased and increasing state funding.

Integrate with CAD Platforms

Link your CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) and space databases with AutoCAD and Revit, the world’s leading CAD platforms, to graphically capture and update accurate area measurements. The Drawing Integration feature gives you the ability to visually represent any space-related data graphically on the associated building floor-plans.

Create Visual Space Representations

Provide graphical floor plan reports to CAD and non-CAD users to plan, search or report on space usage. Create scenarios for space allocation or move planning without affecting current data.

Plan Space Rearrangements

Use space planning software to create visual move planning and allocation scenarios without jeopardizing your current official data and easily present and approve these plans.

Integrate Space and Facility Data

Maximize the recovery of your incurred facilities and administrative research costs by linking all of your facilities data  within your CAFM and space management software solutions and thus eliminating duplicate data entry.

Consolidate Space-Related Data

Store and maintain information multiple levels of information on buildings, structures, floors and other space elements within Accruent’s FAMIS space management software.  You can filter spaces by zones, department usage, owned/leased status, occupancy status, capacity, space cost and more to dig deeper into your space data for thorough analysis.

Generate Strategic Master Plans

Improve your space planning and resource utilization based on forecasts. You will be able create and analyze master plans for scenarios such as consolidation, acquisitions, renovations, leases, moves and new construction with accountable data. Our extensive stacking and blocking capabilities help you allocate projects, organization, individuals and equipment to physical space.