Automate the entire preventive, corrective and predictive maintenance process for effective online facility management using FAMIS in order to ensure a safe, clean campus and attract top students and faculty.

Benefits of Facility Management:

Manage Work Order Lifecycle

Enter service requests using our easy-to-use, web-based self-service work order management software system, then route the requests for planning, estimating, or directly into the Work Order control, where it is scheduled and managed through its final disposition.

Integrate Maintenance Processes

Save time, reduce errors and improve collaboration among multiple functional organizations when you seamlessly integrate your CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) systems for inventory control, key control, utility management and more. Integrate with third-party systems such as Finance, Human Resources and Planning.

Improve Visibility

Achieve better results with fewer resources by providing your facilities managers with the visibility they need to become more proactive to maintenance requests and facilities requirements and optimize repair-versus-replace decisions. The wide variety of configurable workbenches and schedules improves decision making by providing work information in an easy-to-find, easy-to-consume format.

Simplify Work Order Entry

Allow customers to enter service requests directly into Accruent’s FAMIS work order management software via an easy-to-use self-service interface. This includes an automated workflow, which prevents service requests from being entered with incomplete information. You will eliminate the need to enter data manually into your CAFM system and spend less time following up on incomplete requests.

Automate Preventive Maintenance

From online facility management, define requirements for preventive maintenance for equipment and locations. You can select one of several scheduling options to ensure preventive maintenance is completed, which will help you reduce corrective repair costs in the long run.

Maintain Security via Key Control

Mitigate the risk of lost or stolen keys by tracking and maintaining the issue, return and inventory of keys and locks and automating the administration of your CAFM key control system. Track the issue, return and inventory of keys and locks with established approval authorities for various types of key distribution. Calculate and automate proper key bitting and lock pinning settings.

Prepare for Emergencies

Maintain a universally accessible and fully documented emergency plan. Use configurable structures to document emergency planning components such as life safety assessment, first response procedures, standard communications and post-incident assessment checklists. Maintain lists of emergency contacts, persons needing assistance and call lists.

Minimize Risk

Standardize documentation and auditing of preventive events that mitigate incidents, and reduce overall corporate risk by accurately and effectively documenting workplace incidents in your CAFM software. Generate an auditable timeline to document incidents for insurance and legal purposes. Track response and recovery activity, assignments, costs and preparedness activities.

Log Labor Hours

Track labor costs associated with work requests in your work order management software to identify costly activities and determine cost-effectiveness of performing repairs. Enter and track billable and non-billable work orders through the billing/accounting process.

Control Visitor Access

Maintain building security by managing visitor access requests and badge printing, easily check them in and tie visits directly to work requests.

Automate Preventive Maintenance

From online facility management, schedule and prioritize preventive maintenance, which will help you increase the longevity of your property and assets and fundamentally reduce costs.

Maintain Security Via Key Control

Mitigate the risk of lost or stolen keys by tracking and maintaining the issue, return and inventory of keys and locks and automating the administration of your CAFM key control system.

Manage Tool Supply

Manage data related to the tools you use for maintenance and production within your facilities management system. Manage and track the entire process of lending, returning, receiving, transferring and adjusting tools. 

Monitor Inventory Library

Capture information on parts, supplies, furniture and other types of inventory items in order to optimize inventory levels, manage total inventory value and perform automated replenishment analysis, requisition and purchasing.

Track Utility Consumption

Minimize costs, mitigate risk and optimize procurement with features for tracking and reporting on the metering, billing and consumption of utilities.

Assess Facility Conditions

Manage all aspects of future facility repairs, from identification, prioritization, planning and funding to resolution, with one of the facility management solutions in the Accruent CAFM suite.

Recover Maintenance Costs

Capture costs associated with all service requests in your work order management software and allocate them to correct departments so that your facilities department will recover all owed internal costs.

Manage Facilities On-the-Go

Enter critical maintenance, inventory and utility information directly from the field using wireless devices equipped with Accruent’s integrated facility management solutions, improving accuracy and productivity. Use a cell phone, PDA or other WAP-enabled device to access facility management data from anywhere.