Track all aspects of your capital projects using Accruent’s FAMIS enterprise project management software so you can compress schedules, monitor funding and budgets and generate detailed reporting.

Benefits of Project Management:

Consolidate Project Data

View both summarized and detailed information on major project initiatives within the project workbench user interface in FAMIS’s project management construction software. You will be able to store unlimited information on versions, tasks, purchase orders, change requests and contracts, as well as document, note and email attachments.

Track Funding

Align resources by using your IWMS software to track all aspects of funding from multiple sources: where the money is coming from, when it is available, how it was used and when it will expire.

Allocate Costs

Estimate project costs before they are due and capture costs associated with specific projects within your construction project software as they occur so you can make more accurate budget projections.

Reduce Time to Availability

Increase your visibility into project schedules and process bottlenecks in real time, which will help expedite the process from turnover to space readiness. Using flexible project schedules, you can monitor and reduce cycle times and use your enterprise project management software to automatically adjust schedules in real-time.

Manage Project Work Orders

Track the costs and scheduling of specific maintenance activities that are performed in support of a project with integration into your facilities management solutions. Attach supporting electronic documents and notes to centralize the work order history.