Approximately 20 percent of organizations lack an up-to-date emergency preparedness or business continuity plan, according to a survey by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA). Whether it’s a large-scale natural disaster or an on-site incident, having little to no preparation for any emergency event can be costly to your organization.

With 360Facility Emergency Planning, you can establish essential emergency preparedness procedures and plans for all members of your team to access anywhere, anytime via any Internet-enabled device. Even if property access is unavailable, you can ensure that you and your team can always be connected to essential emergency information. 

Access Emergency Planning Information with One Click 
The Emergency Planning Dashboard provides a one-stop resource for viewing emergency plans, key resources and procedures. When paired with 360Facility Incident and Event, you can report incidents directly from the Dashboard for easy tracking and reporting.

Leverage Templates to Easily Create Emergency Plans 
Establish templates to ensure you can quickly establish your emergency preparedness procedures for incidents of all scales, including medical emergencies, power issues, natural disasters and accidents. In addition, create custom emergency plans to accommodate your organization’s specific needs. 

Customize Procedures for Your Business Standards 
Tie procedures to incident and inspection classes to streamline tracking and reporting within 360Facility. Create new or alter existing standard procedures to address your unique business needs, including detailed response plans, call lists, recovery information and announcements. 

Use Document Storage to Manage Critical Details
Store certificates of insurance, evacuation routes and handbooks within document storage for your teams to easily access in the event of an emergency. Document management streamlines communication and ensures stakeholders have access to the latest business continuity plans. 

Gain Visibility into Organizational Preparedness 
Emergency Planning reporting provides insight into the status of emergency plans to highlight key gaps. Connect with occupancy data to understand space use and its impact on your emergency plan. 

Emergency Planning includes:

  • Emergency Procedures
  • Inspections
  • Document Management
  • Call Lists
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Occupancy Data


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