With costs associated in workplace asset management consuming over 30 percent of corporate non-payroll expenses, organizations are recognizing the strategic role facilities management plays. A fully integrated system of records for real estate and facilities data is crucial to reducing costs and driving profitability from company locations. In turn, it helps align real estate strategy with business strategy, enabling organizations to do more with less.

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs

  • Increase efficiency to reduce overall costs
  • Manage schedule changes and key milestones proactively
  • Enable cross-team collaboration to prevent costly mistakes

Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Empower tenants to submit and review requests
  • Control building access
  • Reserve and track resources
  • Increase efficiency through automated processes and standardized templates

Facilities and Maintenance 
Improve operational efficiencies with automated work orders and maintenance activities

  • Manage work order completion, assignment, service levels, labor hours and costs
  • Create scheduled recurring work requests for preventive maintenance or other scheduled activity using a library of tasks
  • Tie work orders to purchasing for full lifecycle tracking of expenses and work effort
  • Enable tenants/occupants to create and manage their own requests, including viewing status of existing requests

Asset and Inventory Management
Manage and maintain the quality of assets

  • Maintain data for all assets such as maintenance history, purchasing and warranty data – from installation to service to preventive maintenance
  • Refine capital planning by managing and prioritizing future facility repairs
  • Capture information on supplies, furniture and other consumable inventory items to optimize inventory levels
  • Collect inspection data and proactively find and solve problems

Vendor Management
Securely manage vendor interactions and information

  • Allow secure vendor access to work orders, assets and properties
  • Track and manage critical vendor information, including Certificates of Insurance (COI) and other key contract/compliance information
  • Ensure vendor quality through rating systems designed to evaluate and track results of previous work
  • Provide real-time view of vendor activity

Knowledge Management 
Access a single source of truth for documentation

  • Create a secure repository of policies, procedures and best practices 
  • Standardize procedures and automatically attach to work orders 
  • Create business rules to determine if documentation is accessible across a portfolio or secured to an individual building

Accruent Cloud Platform 
Designed to provide security, efficiency and a lower total cost of ownership 

• Modern and mobile-optimized user interface 
• Broad browser support: IE 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari on iPad 
• Granular security model to assign privileges to certain users 
• Email notifications to internal & external users of task assignment or new documents 
• Standard web services (API) for import/export of data 
• Single sign-on (SSO) available

Gain insights into real-time data to enable decision-making 

  • At-a-glance KPIs of key facilities metrics 
  • Aggregated analysis of all maintenance requests in portfolio 
  • High-quality and interactive visualizations 
  • Data filtering

360Facility Features & Benefits

360Facility is a cloud-based software solution designed from the ground up to enable you to manage any maintenance or service requirement to improve overall efficiency by saving time, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. As part of the 360Workplace software solutions suite, 360Facility is quick-to-implement, easy-to-use, and a key component of a comprehensive corporate real estate and facilities lifecycle system.


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