Track financial markers for key projects to drive efficiency

Lack of financial management and project management oversight for any project, no matter the size, can lead to cost overruns and project inefficiencies.
Whether you are focused on projects that are too complex to manage with a single work order or long-term capital projects, 360Facility Projects provides an easy-to-use interface that provides a comprehensive view of any project for your team, including timelines, costs and documents. In turn, your team can save time, improve their efficiency, and ultimately, drive profitability for your organization.

Monitor costs and streamline financial management
Include budget information and parameters for a project including specific allocations per budget year and estimates for scheduled work. In a few clicks, gain visibility into project financials, including actuals to budget and estimated project spend.
Enable stakeholders to review, assign and balance tasks
360Facility allows unlimited users, providing access to project details for all key stakeholders. Establish secure profiles for users to review and assign tasks. Using workloading within 360Facility, clearly understand the time investment to the project.
Create a repository for all related documents
Leverage 360Facility Projects as a single source of truth for all documentation related to your project. Gain immediate access to contracts, Certificates of Insurance (COI), warranties and other documentation.
Use reporting to enhance visibility Review essential financial and project information, including current budget variance, committed purchase orders, and estimated percent of work completed and budget used. In-app reporting enhances visibility with a number of reports, including high-level summaries and detailed analysis.
Access project information at anytime, anywhere
Because 360Facility is a true cloud solution, it can be accessed at anytime, anywhere, from any mobile device with an Internet connection. Whether your technicians are responding to a call or if you are in a team meeting, you can ensure that you have access at your fingertips.

Projects Includes:

  • Budgeting
  • Document management
  • Reporting and dashboard
  • Work order integration
  • Workloading


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