Managing visitor access requests and following up with notifications to maintain building security is often an ad hoc process that leaves your security standards exposed.
As part of 360Facility, Visitor Registration can improve your visitor registration process and overall building security through automated processes, like printing customized badges, checking in approved visitors and permanent visitor records.

Enable Self-Service Visitor Authorization
Streamline visitor authorization and registration by allowing building tenants to enter visits online. Upon visitor arrival and front deck check-in, the building tenant receives an email. 

Increase Building Security
Give tenants added control for security and building access. Create a system to manage visitors, ensuring building security and a record of who has entered and accessed the building over a period of time, which can be accessed as a report. 

Create and Customize Visitor Credentials
Develop visitor credentials to reflect your company’s brand. Insert your corporate logo and extend functionality with bar codes.

Save Time During Visitor Registration
Each user of 360Workplace has the ability to maintain their own “My Visitors” list and you can also enable select users to maintain permanent visitor lists. Streamline visitor registration by saving necessary information in the system and reducing time needed to enter a visit.

360Facility has been found to reduce maintenance budgets by up to 35%


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