papers and pen iconLEASE ADMINISTRATION
Make sure negotiated clauses are known and enforced by improving negotiation power through portfolio analysis. Manage complex retail lease scenarios and control costs to drive productivity. Reduce the time needed to monitor rent payments and lease renewals.

papers and dollar sign iconLEASE ACCOUNTING
Eliminate the time-intensive and high-risk process of manually generating and managing straight-line rent schedules for both Capital and Operating leases. Achieve federal and state reporting compliance and plan for environmental sustainability initiatives.

Leveraging the robust reporting tool, MicroStrategy, LA Cloud comes with numerous standard reports, built out by Accruent. Users can tweak and filter these reports before saving their changes and sharing with the team. Power users can create custom reports from the ground up. Any report can be subscribed to, and the application will run and deliver that report via email at regular intervals. Dashboards creation is available as well.


  • AP Export & Import
  • AR Export & Import
  • Sales Import
  • GL Export
  • Vendor Import


Lease Wizard
Enable consistency and accuracy across the entire portfolio with a flexible wizard-style lease abstraction tool that allows you to create standardized lease templates and clone existing leases

Clause Builder
Manage your portfolio proactively by capturing and categorizing negotiated lease clauses, alternate rent structures and vacancy thresholds for every lease in the portfolio

Recognize opportunities to take full advantage of the co-tenancy clauses of your leases, and automatically update rent accounting and financials when a violation has been identified

Lease Responsibilities
Never do a landlord’s job for them again, track and easily call up all responsibilities in your leases

Key Date Notifications
Maintain control of the lease renewal process, and ensure visibility and awareness of key dates by creating automatic notifications

Standard Integrations
Improve efficiency and eliminate the needs and costs required to customize integrations for automated system feeds such as Sales Import and GL Export


Advanced FASB
Ensure adherence to straightline and new FASB / IASB lease accounting standards, properly classify leases and automatically generate schedules from defined rental obligations

Percentage Rent
Minimize effort and errors through the automatic calculation of percentage rent due based on complex percentage rent scenarios, negotiated breakpoints and adjustments

Land & Property Tax Management
Reduce expenses by managing the tax appeal lifecycle, simplifying follow-up on incentives and eliminating overdue taxes and fees

CPI Automation
Improve visibility into leases with CPI escalations, and track the CPI components for every lease on a single summary screen

Expense Compliance
Gain immediate and comprehensive access to every expense category across thousands of leases, and receive automatic notifications when identified caps, exclusions and escalations apply

Rent Collection
Ensure proper invoicing, and eliminate missed receivables and late fee collection by automatically calculating monthly rent receivable from all subleases


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