Siterra Disaster Recovery Strategy

Ensuring a reliable data backup and recovery plan

As an IT professional working in the telecommunications industry, phrases like “systems down” and “loss of data” are not often used in your vocabulary. That’s why investing in a solution that has an effective data backup and recovery plan is critical for your business continuity. Siterra’s disaster and recover plan addresses both physical and virtual environments and ensures critical data, applications, and complete systems are protected no matter what.

Disaster Recovery Details

Two Identical Data Centers

Accruent operates two identical production-scale data centers:

      1. Siterra Primary Production: Hosted at Rackspace Tier IV ORD Data center located in Elk Grove Village, IL.

      2. Siterra Disaster Recovery: True warm failover to Disaster Recovery data center, also hosted at Rackspace Tier IV datacenter located in Dallas TX.
             a. If Primary production is rendered inoperable, Primary operations will be switched to Disaster Recovery Tier IV, Dallas TX datacenter with minimal interruption of  service, zero performance degradation, and near-zero data loss.

Replicated Infrastructure Configurations
•  All hardware configurations and software are automatically replicated to the Disaster Recovery site from Production
• System utilizes automated virtual machine replication from vRanger by Dell

Synchronized Files
•  All database files are replicated utilizing VPM log shipping
•  Customer documents are replicated leveraging array-based replication
•  Siterra currently replicates over 40TB of data and tens of millions of customer files

Reliable Recovery
•  Disaster Recovery data center stays up-to-date in near real-time as an exact replica of production
•  In the event of a failover to DR, extremely fast DNS propagation is enabled utilizing DNSMadeEasy


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