Facilitating the interaction between Carriers and Service Providers 

Wireless infrastructure service providers are routinely contracted by major carriers to help deploy and maintain the next generation of wireless networks. When service providers and carrier use incompatible project management systems, the task of tracking progress on the same project twice is time-consuming and error-prone. Inconsistencies between both data sets are inevitable and reconciliation between systems can take weeks, leaving conflicting data as to whether SLAs were hit on time. With Siterra, service providers and carriers can collaborate in real-time on complex projects.

The Value of Siterra for Service Providers

  • Data Security
    Grant access to the projects by region or role while maintaining carrier security. 
  • Mobilized Workforce
    Complete tasks on-site using Siterra for mobile devices, allowing users convenient access to the application while out in the field.  
  • Business Intelligence 
    Run Microstrategy Business Intelligence reports in real-time from the carrier system of record. 
  • Project Data Quality 
    Improve data quality by reviewing, editing, approving, or reject work done by your team before making it visible to your carrier customer
  • Project Risk Reduction 
    Create complex dependencies between different tasks on concurrent projects to reduce risk.
  • Performance Management 
    Validate workforce location using GPS technology on mobile device.

Siterra is used to manage more than one million global projects with an associated network investment of more than $16.5 billion.


  • Access to carrier project data through web browser or mobile device.
  • Create complex dependencies between tasks using InterProject Dependencies.
  • Leverage GPS technology to better manage your workforce.
  • Approve, Reject, or Edit work completed by your team before it becomes visible to the carrier
  • Manage access rights by region and user role.
  • ​Create robust business intelligence dashboards using Microstrategy Business Intelligence.

Siterra is used by the Top 3 US Carriers.



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