Streamline process and compress schedules and budgets

As a telecommunications industry professional, you strive to stay on top of increasing real estate costs and responsibilities. Managing hundreds, if not thousands of collocated site leases can become nearly impossible when it comes to tracking rent escalations and renewal dates. The price for missing a critical date is too high to risk. With Siterra, achieving superior lease portfolio performance and productivity is no problem. 

The Siterra Value

Process Financial Payments with Ease
Automate the progression of projects with workflows that generate notifications to drive projects forward.

Analyze Collocation Opportunities
Maximize leasing revenue by easily analyzing colocation decisions to expand the reach of your wireless services. Access all existing tower data, including colocation availability and tower specifications.

Increase Efficiency in Lease Executions
Ensure negotiated clauses are enforced, providing improved negotiation power through portfolio analysis, and eliminate abstract inefficiencies with standardized lease templates.

Manage Land & Property Tax
Reduce or eliminate tax obligations or penalties by increasing visibility into total costs through effective management of land and property tax requirements.

Streamline Rent Processing
Manage rent by exception to identify what has changed and for what reason so you may quickly identify payments that need review and approval.

Manage Tenant Collections
Automate the invoicing and collection of rent that you have leased or subleased to avoid overlooking tenant payments.

Track Lease Records
Consolidate core lease information like amendments, lease prohibitions history, as well as extended attributes to avoid missing critical dates and stay within lease compliance.

Reconcile Expenses
Reconcile landlord statements of occupancy expenses against lease-specific language detailing caps, exclusions and other negotiated terms.


  • Never miss a renewal with Critical Dates tracking functionality
  • Perform Expense Reconciliation to make sure you are not overpaying on obligations to your landlord
  • Track and catalogue Extended Attributes on the lease homepage.
  • Manage Key Clauses right from the lease homepage
  • Pay and export rent rolls to your financial ERP system directly from Siterra with the Finance Manager
  • Increase visibility to upper management by reporting on key lease attributes across all sites using Micro strategy Business Intelligence Engine


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