The primary function of Siterra is to enable wireless industry professionals to efficiently manage sites, leases, projects and assets. However, many core activities do not occur in front of a computer, but instead, on-site, directly at the locations you own, rent or maintain. Accruent offers a mobile field service management version of the Siterra application for quick access to the information your team needs to get the job done straight from the field, construction site, airport or anywhere else.


Mobile Task Completion
Complete project tasks, such as filling out forms or uploading pictures, from an Apple or Android device. Geo-fencing ensures that site photos are uploaded from the correct site by validating GPS location.

Mobile Task Approval Workflow
Managers can approve photographic proof of task completion uploaded from the field in real-time while at their desk or on their mobile device.

Field Force Management
Instantly push next step tasks to technicians in the field as soon as predecessor task work is approved. Empower managers to access project history, changes and files from anywhere, accelerating project progression. 

Mobile Incident & Event Creation
Record incidents and events from the site the instant they are detected and get crucial information to the appropriate team member immediately.

Mobile Lease and Asset Information
Access key asset and lease information remotely such as critical dates, payments and asset description and warranty information.

Mobile Location Navigation
Navigate to the next project site by importing latitude and longitude location directly from Siterra to Google Maps™ mapping service, providing instant directions and quicker truck rolls.


  • Improve accountability by enabling real-time status updates.
  • Enter data straight from the field to ensure data accuracy and reduce human error.
  • Respond to incidents faster with the ability to immediately record incidents and route them to an appropriate team member.
  • Share project data, updates, documents and photos with managers as soon as the information is collected, allowing for quicker decision-making.
  • Accelerate projects by enabling managers to approve tasks and automatically push nextstep tasks in real-time.


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