Today’s telecommunications companies know that a consistently positive customer experience is critical to customer satisfaction and retention. Service teams can provide companies an advantage in a competitive marketplace if they are able to deploy projects efficiently to keep the network up and running smoothly. With elevated customer expectations and budget constraints, strategic resource allocation is the key to project efficiency. Siterra, an Accruent software product, offers a Mobile Workforce Management solution to connect field staff with dispatch for smarter scheduling and improved service execution.


Scheduling and Dispatch
Utilize schedule-, job- and map-based views of your service team and daily plan for increased visibility and control. Automate scheduling and dispatch or handle exceptions with manual intervention.

Schedule Optimization
Use configurable priorities and algorithms to manage your workforce based on company business objectives.

Performance Management
Gain visibility into factors impacting productivity, workforce effectiveness, customer experience, finances and internal business processes.

Off-line Capability
The robust “personal assistant” mobile application provides contextual information, real-time updates and customer information without disrupting technician workflow.

Parts and Inventory Management
Monitor warehouse and vehicle inventories to assure parts availability and improve purchasing decisions.

Site Access Management
Increase security on your sites by granting access only to qualified technicians.


  • Easily assign work to technicians with the right qualifications and parts.
  • Increase productivity and avoid overstaffing with smarter, automated schedule optimization.
  • Facilitate real-time communication between dispatch and the field.
  • Make better purchasing decisions and keep track of assets with parts and inventory management.
  • Improve SLA metrics and service metrics, such as first-time fix rate, to improve customer satisfaction.

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