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The complex process of deploying ever-changing technology is a driving initiative in the telecom industry, and Accruent's Siterra solution helps guide you through completeion of these intensive projects. Siterra allows you to manage multiple network projects for a site or multiple sites in one consolidated system, using workflow technlogy to guide you through the critical steps. 

Siterra goes beyong project management to help you manage the full lifecycle of the wireless site. From site acquisition to tower rental to network projects to data and document storafe to asset maintenance and management and beyond, Siterra helps you collect and report on all site-centric information. 

Accruent offers purpose-built solutions, and Siterra was designed from the ground up to assist telecom industry professionals in day-to-day tasks. 

Why Accruent? 

  • Siterra is used by the Top 3 U.S. Mobile Network Operators
  • More than 40,000 users utilize the Siterra solution globally
  • Over 1 million sites are managed by Siterra
  • Siterra helps manage 1.7 million global projects with an associated network investment of $40 billion

The Value of Siterra

Siterra is a purpose-built telecommunications industry suite, with solutions specifically designed for telecom professionals, including features for site inspection, network deployment, equipment servicing, vendor collaboration, project workflows, lease processing, and document management.

Meeting the challenges of the Telecom Industry
Optimize Profitability through Accelerated Timelines & Colocation

  • Fast-track project rollouts with Siterra’s flexibility, unlimited capacity, and complete integration
  • Share tower infrastructure and collocate antennas on a single cell tower to generate more revenue
  • Schedule and track recurring planned events and send automatic notifications that allow teams to work more efficiently, compressing cycle time

Reduce Costs

  • Track property-related incidents of cellular towers, from payment concerns to vandalism, to manage costs
  • Leverage your site portfolio data using reports to improve lease negotiations
  • Track, maintain and manage depreciation for all tower and antenna operating equipment

Ensure Regulatory Compliance and Maintain Inspection Records

  • Quickly retrieve and analyze data to meet compliance requirements with powerful query tools and robust reporting
  • Record site and cell tower inspection data, and store inspection certificates
  • Access project tasks, documents, photos, videos, drawings and certificates at any time

Improve Collaboration and Communication

  • Easily manage hundreds of thousands of sites, documents, project tasks and assets within one system
  • Generate accurate, robust reports that help you gain visibility across any number of sites and help you make critical business decisions
  • Collaborate with team members globally to add or edit documents, manage projects and task and apply workflows that automatically generate notifications

As a SaaS-based solution, Siterra is easy to use, easy to install, maintenance-free, and available anytime, anywhere. It is also available via iOS and Android mobile devices for remote access to sites, leases, projects and assets.


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