Streamline Standard Lease and Transaction Activities to Drive Best Practices


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Reducing your occupancy cost, optimizing your portfolio, maximizing portfolio opportunities and managing your pipeline. These are the goals on which portfolio and transaction managers are measured. Transaction Center was designed to manage the processes and report key metrics to allow real estate professionals to focus on making deals.

Executives are most interested in summary information highlighting current and projected portfolio statistics. Transaction Center reporting easily satisfies these requests.

Transaction Center is a cloud-based software platform assisting portfolio and transaction managers by improving the way lease and transactions are handled. Including enhanced functionality to facilitate crucial communication between user and stakeholders, Transaction Center ensures everyone has the information they need to optimize decisions, deals, and operations.

Accruent's Transaction Center Gantt Chart

Ensure a seamless flow through the real estate lifecycle, providing stakeholders access to the right information at the right time.



  • Track transaction schedules in a Gantt chart and assign resources to tasks
  • Quickly oversee integral data and details, resulting in upgraded processes
  • Allow stakeholders to review data across an electronic workflow
  • Present data in a consistent format to achieve organizational clarity
  • Quickly and easily collaborate with team members, vendors and brokers

As an integral component of the real estate lifecycle solution, Transaction Center helps corporate real estate managers, brokers, commercial providers, vendors and leasing agents track location alternatives, perform due diligence, and access relevant transaction details.

The solution allows users to work the way they want within the application to improve lease terms, create and assign actions and tasks, and conduct meetings.

The ability to interface and leverage data from other systems gives users peace-of-mind when it comes to accessing transaction information. It has never been easier—anywhere you have internet, you can be connected to your lease and transactions.


Managing leases and transactions manually has become an increasingly tedious and risky task. As companies focus more on increasing efficiency and productivity, property managers will soon be put under the microscope to better understand how transactions are conducted.

Transaction Center keeps asset managers at the heart of the solution, allowing for company-wide improvements, directly impacting the speed and capacity for growth.

With information stored in a single database, accessible anywhere, users can now stay informed through each transaction cycle.

Simply review and manage transactions, access and share documents, assign action items, and schedule meetings.

Transaction management becomes easier with the Transaction Center integrated solution.


Track the changing versions of leases and contracts, and approvals and exceptions effortlessly.


Record associated milestones and assign resources to tasks.


Measure performance while evaluating completed activities

Accruent's Transaction Center KPI screen shot

Strategic, technical, and operational procedures combine to illuminate information supporting the decision-making process.



Transaction management, on its own, is a valuable software function. Combined with a streamlined workflow for leases and projects, and email and document capabilities, Transaction Center can become a key part of your day-to-day business process.

As a primary add-on for Project Center or Portfolio Center, Transaction Center can help improve response time, reduce workloads, and enhance internal customer satisfaction.


Achieve clarity across your portfolio, composed enterprise operations via digital management, and various scenario plans through business alignment and workplace agility.

Compliance is brought to the forefront via consistent calculations, reporting, and precise administration functionality.

Fully adopt technology in your business with data and analytics that work for you, predictive behaviors, and visibility into new opportunities.


Transaction Center is a fully cooperative IWMS (integrated workplace management software) solution. From following critical path milestones to tracking location alternatives, users can monitor a transaction from inception to completion in a single database from anywhere an internet connection is available.

Whether in a commercial or corporate real estate environment, every enterprise has unique needs and processes. And while there are several options on the market, Transaction Center is the best-in-class industry solution.


  • Unified processes across your organization
  • Structured, easily accessed data
  • Reliable information and reporting
  • Seamless product integration
  • Gain transparency across your portfolio
  • More control over real estate data
  • Better understand financial obligations
  • Follow critical path milestones
  • Establish approval processes
  • Team collaboration

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