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    Learn how to use Parent-Child Work Orders in FAMIS to track and report on maintenance projects. By the end of this session, you will learn how to configure the database for Parent-Child Work Orders and best practice recommendations for creating parent and child work orders, finding and viewing maintenance projects, and reporting on maintenance projects.

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    Sarah McGing of Columbia College gives us her take on the benefits of switching to FAMIS in this video interview from Insights 2016!

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    Using VFA Facility, the Facilities team reduced their time frame for creating budgets, improved forecasting, and was able to create comprehensive reports that enabled them to get “buy-in” from university leadership as well as building occupants. Since the adoption of VFA Auditor, JMU inspectors are able to assess four times more square feet in a fiscal year using the same resources. Time spent in the office was reduced dramatically from two weeks to two days because of the direct data feed into VFA Facility.

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    With over 8,000 locations around the U.S., Family Dollar is an established brand that, like many other retailers, is challenged to effectively manage its real estate lifecycle. From site selection to project management to facility management, retailers must make a wide range of real estate decisions that could make or break its future success. In order to maximize investments, Family Dollar implemented a suite of real estate management solutions to track critical real estate information. With actionable data at their fingertips, Family Dollar has been able to make better-informed site selections, accurately track and manage construction projects with preferred vendors, and maintain visibility into its portfolio’s condition.

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    By Lora Mays, Product Marketing Manager at Accruent, LLC

    According to Gartner, managing the facilities life cycle is second only to people as the largest expense item in enterprises. With facilities and asset management consuming the bulk of their non-payroll expenses, it's no surprise that organizations typically view facilities management solely as a cost center. But, facilities management teams still can play a more strategic role in the success of any business.

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    The human side of facilities management is partly about recognizing and fostering the facility management professional’s personal career goals. Facilities managers (FMs) need to focus on how they can grow and succeed, and that can be driven by how they position themselves as a strategic resource within an organization. It’s also about recognizing that FMs are in a customer service business—the building occupants, whether they are students, faculty, or staff—are the customers, and it’s critical to understand their specific needs and how the facility supports their objectives. These two aspects go hand in hand, and this article will address how understanding and working with facilities users can help facilities managers become more strategic and advance in their careers. Facilities management (FM) is about much more than just maintenance. Consider career goals within the staff. By David Isaacson, Director of Product Marketing at VFA, Inc., an Accruent company

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    This webinar demonstrates the value of investing in your facilities. The University of Texas at Austin implemented a set of solutions to help identify high-priority capital investments along with proactively addressing day-to-day maintenance needs.

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    Cloud software is creating a compelling business case for college campuses to replace their antiquated on-premise systems. Promising reduced infrastructure costs, faster implementations, and immediate upgrades, cloud is leading to the next generation of facilities management software.