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    Este documento informativo examina como las compañías deben de optimizar sus procesos de administración de activos fijos para mejorar el mercadeo de sitios, la satisfacción del cliente y la eficiencia operacional, de tal manera que se tenga como objetivo flujos de efectivo más saludables y tiempos de ingresos más rápidos.

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    Accruent permite a los propietarios de sitios y operadores de redes administrar de manera eficiente los sitios, archivos, proyectos, contratos de arrendamiento y la fuerza de trabajo de campo relevante para mejorar la visibilidad operacional y el rendimiento en toda la red. Accruent ofrece una única fuente de verdad para las empresas de telecomunicaciones que gestionan una abundancia de tareas, incluyendo colocación, BTS y proyectos de mantenimiento.

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    Today’s telecommunications companies know that a consistently positive customer experience is critical to customer satisfaction and retention. Service teams can provide companies an advantage in a competitive marketplace if they are able to deploy projects efficiently to keep the network up and running smoothly. With elevated customer expectations and budget constraints, strategic resource allocation is the key to project efficiency. Siterra, an Accruent software product, offers a Mobile Workforce Management solution to connect field staff with dispatch for smarter scheduling and improved service execution.

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    Accruent enables site owners and network operators to efficiently manage sites, assets, projects, leases, and the relevant field workforce to improve operational visibility and performance across the network. Accruent offers a single source of truth for telecommunications companies managing an abundance of tasks, including colocation, BTS and maintenance projects. With a focus on increased collaboration across the entire ecosystem, Accruent’s comprehensive solutions offer scalability for growing telecom organizations.

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    See how tower companies should optimize their asset management processes to improve site marketing, customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, and ultimately achieve healthier cash flows and faster time to revenue.

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    Siterra offers a single source of truth for telecommunications companies managing an abundance of tasks, including colocation, BTS and maintenance projects. With a focus on increased collaboration across the entire ecosystem, Siterra is a comprehensive solution that offers scalability for growing telecom organizations.

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    Understand how telecom industry leaders are using Siterra Mobile Field Service Management to access and update information from the field.

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    How Operational Efficiencies Can Position Tower Companies for Growth and Acquisition in Today’s Dynamic Mobile Telecom Environment

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    Tower companies continuously execute under pressure to meet the demands of network operators’ ever-expanding mobile networks. Accruent’s Siterra solution is the industry standard for managing the IT needs of tower companies. With Siterra, tower companies can effectively manage projects, assets, and leases for both their macro and small cell sites.

    Siterra was designed to provide a single source of truth for all aspects of a site’s lifecycle from site acquisition through ongoing maintenance. Siterra’s project management capabilities facilitate the collaboration with contractors who complete much of the field work, with features to minimize the human factor errors that result in delays and cost overruns. Our solution allows a tower company to accelerate tenancy growth by tracking real-time vacancy information and automating the colocation process.

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    An Accruent eBook for Service Providers: In managing telecommunications projects, the ultimate goal is to deliver on-time and on-budget project completion. By creating project plans, managers are able to identify and track against timelines and goals. Documenting this information enables future technicians to ramp up quickly, and enables managers to identify gaps in processes for continuous improvement.

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    Learn how to with Siterra, managing the end-to-end network infrastructure lifecycle from site acquisition and leasing, to deployment, upgrades and maintenance becomes seamless.

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    Siterra’s disaster and recovery plan addresses both physical and virtual environments and ensures critical data, applications, and complete systems are protected no matter what.

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    Learn how Siterra is a purpose-built project management platform for the telecom infrastructure industry.

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    Learn how Siterra helps the top telecommunications service providers manage the rollout of technology, the ongoing maintenance of sites and the construction of new infrastructure.

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    Understand the SaaS deployment method and how it helps deliver results at a lower total cost of ownership.