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    VFA.auditor® is the go-to software for in-house staff to keep facility condition data up-to-date, identify problem areas, or capture information on targeted assets.

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    Professional Condition Assessments to Create Accurate Long-Term Capital Plans | VFA’s Facility Assessment solutions ensure that organizations get the accurate, objective and defensible condition data needed to maximize facility budgets and secure funding. Integration with our market-leading cloud software offers unparalleled decision support for strategic facility capital planning and management.

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    Using VFA Facility, the Facilities team reduced their time frame for creating budgets, improved forecasting, and was able to create comprehensive reports that enabled them to get “buy-in” from university leadership as well as building occupants. Since the adoption of VFA Auditor, JMU inspectors are able to assess four times more square feet in a fiscal year using the same resources. Time spent in the office was reduced dramatically from two weeks to two days because of the direct data feed into VFA Facility.