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    VFA, the only offering of its kind that enables organizations to capture the granular data they need on every facility they have and objectively model multiyear year investment scenarios to establish a comprehensive database of the state of every asset the own and look at the long-term outcomes for any level of spending.

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    After the completion of the facility condition assessments, Mississauga found that the current replacement value of their building and site assets was just under $1.3 billion. With a FCI of 0.12, the city’s portfolio was in good condition overall. Using VFA.facility as a decision tool, the city can run funding scenarios and prioritize projects, turning the results into defensible capital plans.

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    With VFA’s Funding Buckets feature, you can more easily and effectively implement your capital budgeting strategies to maximize the effectiveness of your campus' capital funding.

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    Facility assessments provide a wealth of information about the current conditions and deficiencies of an organization’s real estate portfolio. However, in order to remain an effective foundation for capital planning, this information must be continually updated to reflect both completed improvements and new requirements that arise.

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    An organization’s facilities are one of its most significant assets. Yet managing the wealth of information related to those facilities and their various building systems is an ongoing challenge, particularly for organizations. Data about value, condition, age, and function, as well as about maintenance and renewal needs, is often scattered across multiple locations and systems, creating islands of knowledge.

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    VFA.auditor® is the go-to software for in-house staff to keep facility condition data up-to-date, identify problem areas, or capture information on targeted assets.

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    VFA FacilityView unlocks the value of VFA.facility data for the stakeholders you choose – such as executives, department heads, risk managers, environmental or energy managers, building occupants or community members – providing quick and secure access to key information about your real estate portfolio, delivered to a desktop or mobile tablet.

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    Professional Condition Assessments to Create Accurate Long-Term Capital Plans | VFA’s Facility Assessment solutions ensure that organizations get the accurate, objective and defensible condition data needed to maximize facility budgets and secure funding. Integration with our market-leading cloud software offers unparalleled decision support for strategic facility capital planning and management.

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    Get more value from your Facilities Capital Spending. The VFA.facility capital budgeting solution helps organizations utilize facilities capital planning to reduce risk, lower cost, improve operational efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction.

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    With a vast portfolio, the biggest burden for the Infrastructure of Ontario was the management of Excel spreadsheets from across the province. "VFA has simplified the ability to create one comprehensive 10-year capital plan for 1,000 buildings in 15,000 line items rather than 15,000 spreadsheets,” said Marion Birkenhead, capital planning manager, Infrastructure Ontario.

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    Over the past two years, the University has changed its methodologies in how it executes building condition assessments. With the new assessments and VFA Facility, the University is able to break down the system-by-system components to help better identify the specific areas that need attention. With VFA Facility, the University has also been able to implement rules around entering information to promote data cleanliness and accuracy.

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    Using VFA Facility, the Facilities team reduced their time frame for creating budgets, improved forecasting, and was able to create comprehensive reports that enabled them to get “buy-in” from university leadership as well as building occupants. Since the adoption of VFA Auditor, JMU inspectors are able to assess four times more square feet in a fiscal year using the same resources. Time spent in the office was reduced dramatically from two weeks to two days because of the direct data feed into VFA Facility.

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    Integration of Capital Planning and Facilities Management - With Asset Connect, both the strategic importance and the work order history can be used to determine which assets to target first.