Partner with Accruent to implement your commercial property management software for a faster time to value.

Large-scale implementations of commercial property management software must be properly planned and strictly managed from project inception. Accruent offers a knowledge-sharing, or mentoring, approach in all projects for our site, lease, project, facility, space, and asset management software to guarantee success.

Accruent's Professional Services organization employs a five-stage implementation methodology, FAST, which is based on the Conference Room Pilot approach. The process begins with confirming the project plan and concludes with a comprehensive project review. The stages between these processes are deliberate, iterative and supported by a ‘living’ project plan and consistent communication. This methodology immediately identifies deviations to the plan and quickly manages them to help ensure the project will be completed on time and within budget.

FAST implementation methodology follows these steps:

  • Project planning and management
  • Business requirements analysis
  • Configuration of solution
  • Validation of solution through Conference Room Pilot(s)
  • Solution tuning and testing
  • Solution rollout

During implementation, Accruent employs integration and conversion to configure your commercial property management software solution.

Accruent offers services to implement all of the solutions in the Accruent product library, including our site management software, lease management software, enterprise project management software, facility management software, space management software, and asset management software.  These solutions are available for all of the products in the Accruent product library, including Accruent, FAMIS, Siterra, 360Facility, Evoco, and Expesite.

Technical Services: Integration & Conversion


To create a unified platform with centralized analytics and seamless transaction management, we provide APIs that integrate Accruent site, lease, project, facility, space and asset management software solutions with other business critical systems, including all major ERP and accounting applications, as well as your legacy systems. The result is a fully integrated, robust commercial property management software solution that moves payment processing, reporting, compliance tracking and reconciliation to new levels of efficiency.


Whenever possible, Accruent reuses data from your existing applications. Our staff has a deep understanding of source and target data structures. This enables them to quickly and efficiently convert data from packaged or custom-developed applications for use in Accruent applications.

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