Product Design Feedback Group

Accruent cares what our customers think of our products. The Product Design Feedback Group is an opportunity to make your opinions heard and provide feedback on both existing and unreleased features. Through this group, Accruent UX and Products teams will periodically conduct studies that will allow you to be among the first to see new features. Your participation will help us understand how to better suit the people who really use our products – you! You can Sign-up below.


What kind of research do you do?
We do usability testing on new products, current product innovations, existing functionality and on our new and existing mobile applications. Our research ranges from surveys and questionnaires to phone calls to video calls and live prototype walkthroughs.

What will you do with my personal information?
The information you give us in the sign-up form will be used to pair you with research studies. All of your personal information and responses to research studies will only be used internally for product improvements.

How often will you contact me?
Depending on how many projects you are matched with, you could be chosen for a range of studies. You are free to opt-out of a specific study or the group at any time, and we won’t contact you more than once a month for a study or once every three months for a usability test. They’re fun though, so feel free to ask to be included in more!

I have more questions.
Send us a message at and we’ll reply promptly!

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