Gestion de l’énergie et de la durabilité


Energy & Sustainability Management

Using Data to Manage Resource Consumption

Consumption of energy and regulated substances can be risky. First, failure to manage resource consumption can result in unexpected cost increases. Second, failure to comply with environmental mandates can subject you to huge fines and ongoing disruptive agency audits and inspections.

Decrease Compliance Risks
Decrease Compliance Risks
Manage Energy Consumption
Manage Energy Consumption and Spend
Monitor Utilities and Refrigerant
Monitor Utilities and Refrigerant Across Many Locations
Refrigerant Management

Assure compliance with EPA and state regulations, reduce the cost of replacement refrigerant, keep refrigerant management records in a central repository and constantly monitor all of your locations for leaks or other system issues.

Electrical box with burry lights in background
Energy Management

Manage energy data to reduce consumption and spend. Combine energy data – from bills or meters, site attributes, and maintenance history to better manage your facilities.

Utilities Management for Education

Understand the energy use of facilities to better plan repairs and replacements and track energy conservation efforts. Avoid duplicate data entry by configuring meters as assets.